Enduraprep - 12 Week Cycling - 50+Mile TT / Sportive / Gran Fondo Plan (Power Based)

Average Weekly Training Hours 06:11
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:11
Training Load By Week

A 12 week plan based on 4 sessions per week.

3 of these sessions are 45-70 minutes in length with an endurance ride growing to five hours over 10 weeks.

If you can only complete 3 sessions per week then drop the strength session from the plan.

This plan is suitable for training towards any endurance such as a 50-100 mile TT, Sportive, Gran Fondo, Audax and middle to long distance triathlon.

If you have not calculated your training zones recently then it is recommended you start with a test week (which I have included). To calculate training zones for the power based plan you will need to do an FTP (functional threshold power) test. Watch this clip for more guidance https://goo.gl/stt3Xa

Sample Day 1
AA - Sweet Spot - 2 x 10'

20’ warm up, then 2 x 10’ at 95 rpm
mid Z3-Z4 5’ easy pedalling in between
intervals at 90 rpm.10’-15’ easy pedalling cool
down 85-90 rpm.

Sample Day 3
AB - High Intensity - 2' x 10

Sample Day 8
BA - Sweet Spot - 2 x 15'

Sample Day 10
BB - High Intensity - 3' x 7

Sample Day 15
CA - Sweet Spot - 4 x 10'

Sample Day 17
CB - High Intensity - 4' x 5

Sample Day 22
DA - Sweet Spot - 2 x 10'

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