Betera Coaching 8 Week Winter Engine Builder Phase 2 Based on Time and RPE


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8 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Custom, 5 Bike

Longest Workout

3:25 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate time goal

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This plan is designed to follow our 8 Week Winter Phase 1 Foundation Plan. It is built for those who prefer to ride based on time and perceived exetertion rather than for those who prefer training with a power meter or hr monitor.

The plan assume you can currently ride at least 5 hours a week and handle a weekly volume of up to 8 hours a week. The goal is to boost your overall speed and increase your power.

At the conclusion of this block you'll be ready to tackle race specific intervals.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:10

Sarah Matchett

Betera Coaching

USAC Expert Level 1 Coach

Online Coaching, Group CompuTrainer Classes

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Sample Day 1

Descending SS Efforts + finishing 5

Warm up 10 mins easy riding

MS1: Descending efforts at Increasing RPMS
Goal: Practice legs speed at high power.

Set your load for 80 - 90% of FTP - this is a solid TT effort but not quite all out.

Ride 7 min at 90 rpms hardish
2 mins easy then
6 mins at 90 Rpms and a little bit harder than the first effort
2 mins easy
5 mins 90 rpms -even harder
2 min easy
4 mins - harder still
2 min easy
3 min -more!
2 min easy
2 min all out.

take 5 mins easy after this set and finish with 1 more 5 min effort just crushing it.

Add time in endurance for more TSS if you can

Sample Day 2

ENDURANCE Ride Z2 with Leg Speed drills

WU: 10-15 minutes with 2-3 x 1 minute fast pedals to wake up legs.
MS_ ride mostly in endurance today but dring your ride add:

3 sets of 6 x 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off fast pedaling with 5 minutes between sets. Fast pedaling ON efforts are spinning as fast as possible in the small ring without bouncing or losing form. The OFF part of the intervals is AR paced spinning.

This is to work on your pedaling mechanics and efficiency and to give you a good workout in a short period of time.
CD: 5-15 minutes of easy pedaling in Z1

Sample Day 3

ENDURANCE Ride with CRUISE Intervals

WU: 10-15 minutes working into your ENDURANCE Zone Z2 adding 3 x1 min super spins.
Main Set:
Build endurance today! Once warmed up complete 2 CRUISE INTERVALS at 90-100% effort for 10-12 minutes each, with 4-minute rests between intervals.
CD: 5-15 minutes of easy pedaling in Z1

Sample Day 5

Classic Sweet Spot Intervals - 4x5

Warm up 30 mins endurance riding

MS: 4x5 min Hard with 10 mins easy in between.

Keep cadence high on these - 90 - 100 rpms

Finish your time in endurance

Sample Day 6


Endurance ride Set a pace at Zone 2 Endurance and hold this pace for the prescribed workout time. Focus on riding smooth and staying relaxed. Vary your cadence. Vary terrain. Ok to hit tempo on the hills generally sticking to endurance zones today.

Sample Day 8

3x9 min "races with sprints"

Warm up
5 mins Easy
2 min 100 rpm
15 sec sprint
then recovery 1 min
Finish with a 3 min build to 90% intensity Recover 2 mins then -

MS: 3x9 min race efforts - for these you don't look at power you just ride on feel and imagine you are in a race and fighting for position.

the races are:

15 sec hard sprint (100+ rpms just all out!) then settling to the best 4 min power you can hold at 85-95 rpm before doing another 10 sec all out intermediate sprint effort,

After this one, drop your cadence to the 70s but keep the pressure on, Then with 1 min to go ramp up the rpms and intensity and finis with at 10 second all out lunge for the line!

Rest 5 mins and repeat 2 more times.

Sample Day 9

Easy Ride 1- 2 hours

Keep the rpms high today - goal is to average 100 rpms

Betera Coaching 8 Week Winter Engine Builder Phase 2 Based on Time and RPE

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