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Cycling - Foundation For Cycling (8 weeks)


Grant Goodman

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8 Weeks

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Plan Description

This is the first and hardest step on your road to health and fitness (with some fun on the way!) through cycling by signing up for Foundation to Fitness.

What you get :

1. Email Consultations
2. Mid-Point Review
3. two x monthly training plans (1 change)
4. RPE based Sessions
5. TrainingPeaks (basic)
6. Extend to additional months

The aim of this first period of training is to build your stamina in a sustainable way starting off with just 2-3 rides each week. Over the next 2-3 months you will build this up to being able to ride 20 miles at 12 mph or more.

The aim here is to build the volume of work slowly over the weeks so you can ride 10 miles in one go. There is some higher intensity work to keep it interesting and improve your fitness but the main goal is to build your stamina. Try to include a rest day in between the sessions at least to start with and if you have to do consecutive days make it at the weekend so you can chill out a bit in between! As the rides get longer you will start to need to drink and even eat a little during the rides so we also practice taking a drink on the bike if you are comfortable with it to minimise stopping and starting that slows you down and takes the momentum out of your rides.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:58 hrs 1:00 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:58 hrs 1:00 hrs

Training Load By Week

This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

  • GPS

All supported devices

Grant Goodman

Cycle For Fitness Limited

I work with cyclists from novice to club level to advance their lifetime fitness, endurance and wellbeing.

My coaching is based on science-based workouts and conditioning sessions to help develop resilience and build peak competitive performance specific to their goals.

Plans start with baseline fitness tests, with reviews to fine-tune duration and intensity, continuously optimising performance.

I also offer cycling holidays in Alicante/Valencia region of Spain.

Sample Day 1

S2R20 M1 W1R1

Swing the leg over the saddle and get out! Start off with 5min of gentle riding in your easiest gear. Next, progress through the gears looking for a speed that just gets you out of breath (4/10 on the scale below) and aim to hold this for 10min on a circular route. Finish off with 5min very easy spinning back to home and relax!

Sample Day 3

S2R20 M1 W1R2

Today the aim is to find a cadence (pedal speed) that is comfortable for you.

Sample Day 6

S2R20 M1 W1R3

A slightly longer ride today, aim for 30min of pedalling at a constant effort, using a gear that gives you your comfortable 'cadence'. Aim to come home with something left in the tank

Sample Day 8

S2R20 M1 W2R1

After your usual 5min gentle warm up do 10min at a slightly harder intensity intensity, 6/10 effort. Spin the legs easily 3/10 effort for 5min then repeat the 10min harder effort and cool down for 5min.

Sample Day 10

S2R20 M1 W2R2

5min gentle warm up then do 3 sets of 5min harder efforts pushing to maintain 7/10 effort on a flat route. Spin the legs for 2min easily and if you need to have a short rest and a drink in between the harder efforts. Finish with a 5min easy cool down home.

Sample Day 12

S2R20 M1 W2R3

Push the duration of your longer ride up to 45min at a constant 3/10 intensity. Concentrate on pedalling smoothly and if you feel you are fatiguing shift to a lower gear and try to spin the legs a little faster!

Sample Day 13

S2R20 M1 W2R4 (skills)

This is a skills ride, up until now the rides have been short and you maybe haven't needed to drink anything. In a park or playing field where you have no distractions spend some time taking your water bottle out of the holder and fitting it back in. Start off slowly and as you gain confidence speed up and try to do it with out stopping pedalling and without looking down to get a 'feel' for where the holder is.

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