LEOMO 6-Week Training Plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:55
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:55
Training Load By Week

Designed by elite coach Neal Henderson, the goal of this program is to learn about your individual pedaling movement using LEOMO Type-R. Additionally, the goal is to improve your neuromuscular peak power, maximum aerobic power, threshold power, and anaerobic capacity.

Sample Day 2
Pre-Race Builds

Today is a day to prepare for tomorrow's test.

For 30 minutes, relaxed riding at 50-65% of current Threshold power at ~90 RPM.
Include 4-8 efforts of 1.5 minutes long building from 90 to 110% of Threshold power over the entire 90 seconds.
Recover at < 50% Threshold power for 2-3 minutes between builds.
Do just enough efforts just until your legs feel good with the effort.

Optional: 1-3 X 90% effort sprints (5-7 seconds long) after build efforts with 3-8 minutes easy recovery < 50% Threshold power between each.

Easy spin for 5-15 minutes to finish.

Sample Day 3
Power Profiling Test

Begin with a 20-30 minute progressive warm-up from 50 to 70% of Threshold power.

For continued warm-up, ideally include one 5-8 minute low to mid Tempo build from 75-85% LT power.
Then, include 2-3 X 1-2 minute opener efforts at 90-110% LT power with equal rest between.

Next, perform 1 or 2 X 5-second long 80% sprints with full recovery (3+ minutes).

Test Effort #1 - 5 second max sprint
Begin with 1 to 3 X 5-second long all out sprint efforts with 5-8 minutes recovery between each effort.

Test Effort #2 - 5 minute max power
Next is a 5-minute max effort. Start at 1250-125% of Threshold power for the first 2-3 minutes and then try to ramp it up if possible.
Recover for 10 minutes of easy spinning.

Test Effort #3 - 20 minute power
Next is a 20-minute sustained threshold effort. Don't start too hard!
Ideally start at approximately 80% of your 5-minute test average power.
Recover for 5-10 minutes.

Test Effort #4 - 1 minute power
Final effort is a 1 minute max effort.
It is perfectly normal in the one-minute test to start hard and have power dropping throughout the minute. Go all in - final test of the day!

Finish with a 10-20 minute cool-down.
Download/upload test results and review.

Sample Day 4
Recovery Spin

Very easy ride generally at 40-60% Threshold power.
Resist the temptation to go harder or faster.

Yes, you should almost feel embarrassed to be seen riding this slow - it's OK!

Stay on flat terrain, ideally.

Sample Day 4
Core Endurance Workout

Right after workout.
Begin with crunchs and twisting crunches.
Use a fit-ball to do additional exercises such as reverse crunches, crunches on the ball, ball rotations, plank, side plank, etc. Include back extensions (do not hyper-extend), superman exercises, and other exercises for your abdominal and back muscles.

Sample Day 5
Slow Roll Starts on Road

Begin with a 20-40 minute progressive warm-up from 30 to 75% of Threshold power.

Perform 2 X 5-second long 80% sprints with full recovery (3+ minutes) at relatively high cadence.

Main effort is 3-6 X 20s seated start efforts in big gear (53 X 15 or so). Practice staying stable and accelerating rapidly.
Full recovery of 5-10 minutes between efforts.

Finish with a 10-20 minute cool-down recovery spin..

Sample Day 6
Alt Gearing Tempo Intervals

WU 20-40 minutes easy spinning at 50-65% of Threshold power.

Main effort is 4-6 X 5 minute efforts at 80-90% Threshold power.
Odds (1,3,5) alternating big gear at 50-60 RPM at 80-85% Threshold power for 1 minute with 1 minute in easier gear at 90-100 RPM at 85-90% Threshold power.
Even efforts (2,4,6) alternate every minute starting in smaller gear at 100-110 RPM at 80-85% LT power with 1 minute at 60-65 RPM at 85-90% Threshold power.
Easy 5 minutes recovery between all efforts at < 60% Threshold power at 80-90 RPM.

Finish with 10-30 minutes of easy spinning > 90 RPM at < 60% of LT power.

Sample Day 7
Steady Base

Long easy ride.
Avoid group rides, unless you are the strongest rider in the group.
The goal is to stay fully aerobic - conversation pace the entire ride.
Mostly Heart Rate Zone 2. Usually best on flat or rolling terrain.
Power at 55-70% of LT power.