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Criterium Master Class Road To Podium (Power)


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8 Weeks

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters weightloss time goal power based tss based base period

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Plan Description

Do you want to podium in your next criterium race?

This training plan is proven to work! If you adopt all advice and follow this plan through it will guarantee a more successful race post plan!

If you are ready this, then this plan is for YOU! do you want to inject some speed into your training? would you like to get some "Zapp" and change of pace in your legs? do you want to increase your finishing sprint?

Then this is for YOU!

The plan will start with a threshold test and a 3-min maximal output test to measure your current training zones.

Most of the weeks are around 6-7 hours/week in this plan, with the option to extend ride times.

This plan is designed to first increase your change of pace whilst complimenting some threshold work to raise your vo2 ceiling also. You will then dramatically increase your short-term power output to enable a solid finish come your next race! The final weeks will bring on peak form with a threshold and 3 min aerobic at the end to measure results.

So what you waiting for try this out today and let us know how you get on at


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
6:16 hrs 2:00 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
6:16 hrs 2:00 hrs
—— ——



Anyone can ride a bike, attend a sportive or go on a local club ride, but being competitive is only for those who are committed, and intend to give 100% to achieve their success. Before you decide to conquer the world, you must first take on yourself which is where we come in. BikeStrongUK provides individualised specific personal programmes for cyclists of all disciplines.

Sample Day 1

1 hr Warm Up Ramp Up

Steady ride however slowly build through your zones towards the end of the ride into 3 maximal sprints to get you in tip top form and not feeling so lethargic.

2 mins Zone 3
2 mins Sweetspot
1 min Zone 4
1 min Zone 5
2 mins Zone 1
2 mins Zone 2 include 3 x 6s maximal sprints
5 mins Zone 1 Cool Down

Sample Day 2


The plan here is to test the body to see how we have adapted off previous training, and set new zones we aim to test every 6-8 weeks.

20min vigorous warmup -
5 mins @ 90rpm
2mins@ 95rpm
2mins @ 100rpm
30 secs @ 110rpm
2 mins 30 secs @ 90rpm
6 sec seated sprint
54 secs recovery @ 90rpm (x3)
5mins recovery @ 90rpm

20min watt bike 20 min test!
(take a picture of your results once you have tested these will be your new zones and are important the date you will need is avg watts, avg hr, wpkg. once tested reset threshold values within *settings zones*)

Cool down 20 mins @ z2 roughly 95rpm

Use this link to gain more information on the test protocol and what to do with the zone post test;

Want to know how to apply the zones click here

Sample Day 5

2 x 15s with a 6 sec sprint to finish

Warm up -

Vigorous high rpm build from 90 rpm to 100rpm over the first 5 mins
Recover for 2 mins @ 90 rpm
2 x 10 sec sprints with 20 sec recovery
2 mins recovery @ 90rpm

Main Set - 15 min threshold efforts finishing with a maximal 6 sec sprint.

5 mins recovery @ 90 rpm

15 min threshold efforts finishing with a maximal 6 sec sprint.

Cool down for 15 mins @ 90-95 rpm

Sample Day 6

Full Gas Tabata Criterium efforts

Warm up should be a ramp towards ftp and back down to recover increase leg speed throughout and rest final 5 mins in z2 ready for the session.

Main set is 4 mins of 20secs FULL GAS and 10 secs recovery!

10 mins in z2 recovery

and repeat 3 sets!

This is only a 4 minute effort, but you should NEARLY be falling off your bike by the end!  One has to be tough as nails mentally to push thru the last 6th, 7th & 8th tabata of each set. 

This will test the body truly in anaerobic capacity and working hard to receive oxygen.

Sample Day 7

10 - 20 - 30 Seated Sprints

Sample Day 8

2x15 Sweetspot

A simple sweetspot based session for the turbo. Try and hold the upper end of sweet spot i.e. 92% of threshold.

Sample Day 9

2min z5 efforts - 30 sec hard 1 min TT 30 sec MAX

2 min Hard Efforts Warm up - 20 min British Cycling Leg Speed and Efficiency work out 8 x 2 min race pace efforts in z3-4 with 3 mins recovery spinning the legs at 97+RPM Sprint into the effort out of the seat for 30 secs hold z3 pace for 1 min and sprint 30 secs to finish as you would in a race. 10 mins warm down

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