Betera Coaching 8 Week Fall Training Plan for Roadies


Sarah Matchett

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8 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Custom, 5 Bike, 1 Strength

Longest Workout

3:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling intermediate masters power based hr based tss based

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This plan is for road cyclists coming off of a strong summer season who want to begin adding core and strength into their program but are not quite ready to "call it a season" yet. With structured workouts to help you hold on your summer fitness a little longer, this program will help you take advantage of those great fall training days and transition more gradually into your Winter Training Block

This plan is keeps volume steady at 8 - 12 hours/week and Raises weekly TSS from 400 - 600. The goal is to accomplish this with consistent "work" into the hours that you ride. You won't see much zone 4 or Zone 5 in this plan, but you will be avoiding Zone 1 AND getting in a lot of Muscular Endurance climbing work.

This foundation program is designed to set you up for your next 8 weeks block where you really focus on boosting your FTP power.

Key Workouts are on T/W/Th during the week and you can expect 2.5 - 3 hour rides on the weekends. Workouts can be completed on a trainer or outdoors and are designed specifically to be easily adjusted due to poor weather. All workouts can be exported into your choice of smart trainer software.

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Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:37

Sarah Matchett

Betera Coaching

USAC Expert Level 1 Coach

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Sample Day 1

Fast Pedaling Cadence Efforts

WU: 10-15 minutes working into
MS1: 10x1 at 100+ rpm with 1 minute off at 85rpm.
Follow with 5 minutes easy at ENDURANCE Z2.
MS2: Complete 2x5 minutes with watts at high zone 3 while keeping cadence at 100rpm. Rest for 3 minutes in between each effort.
MS3: Finish the workout with 4 more high pedaling cadence efforts, 1 minute on at 105rpm and 1 minute off at 85rpm.
CD: 10 minutes of easy spinning in ACTIVE RECOVERY Z1

Sample Day 2

Cross Training - Core 1 (2 rounds)

Adding strength to your training plan is essential to help you develop all-round fitness, core stability and flexibility. Strength workouts in this program are designed to take 15 - 30 mins and they can be combined with other cross training activities.

Adding, swimming, hiking, yoga, pick up sports like basketball or tennis, during this time of the year is a fantastic way of improving your all round fitness. If you don't want to cross train - you can of course do an easy spin instead.

Remember to start all strength and cross training activities slowly, if you feel sore for two days after the workout you over did it!

Warm up with 5 - 10 mins walking or dynamic stretching

MS1: Core (Repeat 2 Times:
Bird Dogs 15 -20 reps
Plank 30 - 60 seconds
SIde Plank 30-60 seconds
Glute Bridge 15 -20 reps
Dead Bugs - 15 - 20

Sample Day 3

Coffee Shop Ride

A ride to aid recovery and 'keep the legs turning over'. This is not a 'training' ride so effort should be kept very low with most of the ride in zone 1. Use a power meter/HR monitor only to keep a cap on effort and prevent long periods above zone 1. Duration should be short enough that no extra fatigue is accumulated 60 mins MAX!
Coffee stop is not obligatory but highly recommended!

Sample Day 4

End of Rest Week Tune Up Ride

Warm up well for 10 - 15 min.

Then do 5 x's 30 seconds intervals at high cadence. Not worrying about power so much. 3 minutes in between each interval. Cadence needs to be higher than 100 rpm.

MS1: 3x1 min all out sprints (5 mins rest between each)

MS2: 3x30 sec hard jumps (5 min rest between each)

MS3: (optional)

10 - 15 mins tempo riding, down in the drops, 95+ rpms

Finish with another 15-20 mins of easy riding.

Sample Day 5

Familiar Loop = Field Test

The goal for this ride is to test yourself on a familiar course that takes you 30 - 45 mins.

Warm up 15-20 mins building into steady zone 2 and getting to your course.

Once you're there, you're on - riding hard and steady trying to simulate a road race effort. Build each uphill you come to - really attacking the top third and rolling the downhill as if your life depended on it. Steady high tempo efforts everywhere else.

Cool Down 15 - 20 mins easy riding after you're done.

Sample Day 6

Long Day -moderate

Long day of riding as you feel,. No structured intervals today but use terrain to increase intensity if you're up for it. jump out of corners, push over the top of rollers, etc.

We are looking for 2.5 - 3 hours and a TSS of at least 115 today

If the weather is crappy you can do the structure workout on your trainer instead.

Sample Day 8

6 Tractor Pulls and 1 x 12 min Tempo

WU: 15 mins progressing to zone 2
MS1: 5 Tractor Pulls. On a flat section of road, in a big gear (50:12 or comparable) that brings you to 50-60 rpms and 12 mph, attack that gear as hard as you can (in the saddle, hands in drops) until you get to 85 rpms or 30 seconds. Once you reach 85 rpms (or 30 seconds) rest, spinning easy until the next effort. 5 minutes between each "pull".

5 - 10 minutes easy before moving to MS2.
MS2:` 1 x 12 Min sub threshold effort 1 gear harder/lower than normal to emphasize force.
CD: 10 - 15 minutes easy spin.

Betera Coaching 8 Week Fall Training Plan for Roadies

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