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2 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Bike, 2 Day Off

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters weightloss time goal power based hr based tss based

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Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:13



Anyone can ride a bike, attend a sportive or go on a local club ride, but being competitive is only for those who are committed, and intend to give 100% to achieve their success. Before you decide to conquer the world, you must first take on yourself which is where we come in. BikeStrongUK provides individualised specific personal programmes for cyclists of all disciplines.

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Sample Day 1


The plan here is to test the body to see how we have adapted off previous training, and set new zones we aim to test every 6-8 weeks.

20min vigorous warmup -
5 mins @ 90rpm
2mins@ 95rpm
2mins @ 100rpm
30 secs @ 110rpm
2 mins 30 secs @ 90rpm
6 sec seated sprint
54 secs recovery @ 90rpm (x3)
5mins recovery @ 90rpm

20min watt bike 20 min test!
(take a picture of your results once you have tested these will be your new zones and are important the date you will need is avg watts, avg hr, wpkg. once tested reset threshold values within *settings zones*)

Cool down 20 mins @ z2 roughly 95rpm

Use this link to gain more information on the test protocol and what to do with the zone post test;


Want to know how to apply the zones click here


Sample Day 2

1 hr Aerobic Endurance recovery ride

E2 Aerobic Endurance Used for Aerobic maintenance and endurance training. use zones 1 and 2on a rolling course and stay seated on all small rises.

Sample Day 3

Over & Unders 95%/105% Threshold

Over and Unders 95%  / 105%
Warm up - 10 mins slowly increasing heart rate and 3 x 10 second sprints up until 8 mins then 2 mins recovery.

Main set - 2 x 16 min efforts
First 16 mins effort

Blocks of 2 mins first 2 mins should be at 95% HR then the next 105% HR and repeat up until 16 mins is up so 8 efforts
8 mins recovery
Second 16 min effort exactly the same.
Cool down and spin out.

Sample Day 5

Ramped VO2 Intervals

Ramped intervals with a twist.

Intervals are best replicated on a climb however can be done on an indoor turbo.

Attack the effort with 95% mini 5 sec sprint relax into your stride and hold the 115% pace finish the effort with a 5sec maximal sprint as it were a hill top finish.

Change between seated and standing position throughout but start and finish standing.

Ensure a sufficient ramped warmup to your desire however inc 2x1 min efforts at your hill climb pace

Cool down post session high cadence

Sample Day 6

(SL) Single Leg Pedaling on Trainer

Warm up with some high cadence drills and sloly getting into high z3 before recovering for 5 mins before starting these drills.

Best to do on a trainer,

This is a great drill to improve pedalling efficiency.

With one foot clipped into your pedal and the other leg free (either resting on the frame of your trainer or on a box next to the bike),

Shift to an easy gear and pedal for 20 to 30 seconds (or until fatigue).

Repeat with the opposite leg. Start with five repetitions with each leg, increasing the duration of the drill as it becomes easier.

Tip: This drill will feel awkward at first, in part because you will likely have many spots along the course of one revolution where power isn't being produced. These are called dead spots, and are precisely the reason why this drill helps you to pedal in smooth circles.

Cool down

Sample Day 7

OverGeared 5x5 min 3 recovery blocks

warm up z2 for 10 mins

5 x 5 min blocks at  upper end of sweetspot (high z3) but a very low cadence (forcing strength endurance) (60-70rpm) with 5 mins z1 in-between recovery

ensure a sufficient cool down spin it out

Sample Day 9

Big Gear/Low Gear

Big gear work coupled with low gear work combined Develops aerobic endurance, strength and ability to produce power at low cadences.

This session may seem simple but remember each interval you are changing 20rpm!

After a sufficient ramped warm up complete 8 mins of work at 80%, 1 min at 100rpm and 1 min at 80rpm and repeat.

5 mins recovery high cadence

and repeat.

Hill Climbers Package 2 week Trial

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