Anaerobic 4 Week FRC/FTP Stage 1.0

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:19

Aeropro's Smart Trainer/Zwift STAGES are designed for athletes who have 4-8 hours devoted to training. Monday thru Friday is setup so you can perform structured work on a trainer or outside. The weekends are devoted to longer rides or spirited group riding. Each STAGE equals 4 weeks of training focusing on key areas of cycling. These workouts are part of Aeropro's Up Your Wattz performance programming. After 4 weeks you should perform one recovery week before starting a new STAGE.

Our VO2 extensive program is focused on improving on efforts over threshold. These are the efforts that cause that deep burn in the legs and heart pound out of breath periods. Typically, you will complete 2-3 Stages in order to realize some serious gains in performance!

1) Power or Heart Rate or Trainer with Speed Tracking. Yes, we can set some speed zones up on a trainer.
2) A smart trainer would be helpful but not requires. Zwift would make training indoors more enjoyable
3) 4-8 hours of training time
4) Base level of fitness before performing threshold STAGES

1) Assigned Aeropro Coach to help answer questions.
2) Access to google hangout to ask questions
3) 4 weeks of structured training
4) Accountability and structure to training

Sample Day 1
Extensive VO2

Sample Day 3
Tempo Surges

Sample Day 5
Weekend Group/Endurance Ride

Sample Day 6
Optional Trainer or Outdoor WKO (Fatigue Resistance)

Sample Day 8
Extensive VO2

Sample Day 10
Tempo Surges

Sample Day 12
Weekend Group/Endurance Ride

Aeropro Coaching
AeroPro Coaching

Focused on endurance driven sports coaching. Aeropro Coaching has the experience, technology and knowledge to work with any type of endurance athlete. We take a technology driven approach and break it down to the athlete level for anyone to understand. Our biggest asset is our ability to get athletes to do things they did not think was possible. We offer package plans up to Elite 1-on-1 coaching.