Road Racing Advanced (Road to 1st cat or Elite) (Power)

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Road Racing Advanced (Road to 1st cat or Elite) (Power)


Bikestrong UK

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8 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Bike, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

6:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters weightloss time goal power based tss based base period

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This plan is not for the faint hearted! This is for roadies who want an edge! This is for roadies that want to make it and believe they have what it takes to make it! weather your after 2nd cat points or after your elite licence this is for you! The plan is set out i two 4 week blocks with a threshold test at the start and end to monitor progression! This plan is has GURANTEED results if followed through!


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 11:24



Anyone can ride a bike, attend a sportive or go on a local club ride, but being competitive is only for those who are committed, and intend to give 100% to achieve their success. Before you decide to conquer the world, you must first take on yourself which is where we come in. BikeStrongUK provides individualised specific personal programmes for cyclists of all disciplines.

Sample Day 1


The plan here is to test the body to see how we have adapted off previous training, and set new zones we aim to test every 6-8 weeks.

20min vigorous warmup -
5 mins @ 90rpm
2mins@ 95rpm
2mins @ 100rpm
30 secs @ 110rpm
2 mins 30 secs @ 90rpm
6 sec seated sprint
54 secs recovery @ 90rpm (x3)
5mins recovery @ 90rpm

20min watt bike 20 min test!
(take a picture of your results once you have tested these will be your new zones and are important the date you will need is avg watts, avg hr, wpkg. once tested reset threshold values within *settings zones*)

Cool down 20 mins @ z2 roughly 95rpm

Use this link to gain more information on the test protocol and what to do with the zone post test;

Want to know how to apply the zones click here

Sample Day 2

Endurance with tempo efforts ending in ramp

Main session

Endurance tempo with ramp efforts!

Aim of this to be able to react whilst in a break over duration once fatigued.

See yourself in a break 2 hrs 30 in you will be fatigued the visualize yourself in a break and use the 5 min blocks to really push your limits and see what you have. A high stress score session and one not to be taken lightly!

Remaining 50 mins z1-2 spin home high cadence over 95

This ride should not have a break and sufficient fuel and fluids should be taken use it as race prep and test your race plan now!

Sample Day 3

1 hr Aerobic Endurance recovery ride

E2 Aerobic Endurance Used for Aerobic maintenance and endurance training. use zones 1 and 2on a rolling course and stay seated on all small rises.

Sample Day 4

Endurance sweetspot blocks

Main session

Endurance sweetspot blocks

Sweetspot is 88-93% roughly high z3 to low z4! a zone which is overlooked and not used enough in improving threshold, it is taxing on the body but can be replicated 3 times a week to get optimum results in short periods of time.

3 sets of 20 min blocks with 10 mins recovery and a sufficent cool down. Ensure cadence is high on cool down.

Sample Day 5

OverGeared 5x5 min blocks

warm up z2 for 10 mins

5 x 5 min blocks at  upper end of sweetspot (high z3) but a very low cadence (forcing strength endurance) (60-70rpm) with 5 mins z1 in-between recovery

ensure a sufficient cool down spin it out

Sample Day 6

Tabletop Edge Threshold Efforts

Warm-Up: Ride for a nice 15-minute warm-up with watts under 76% of your FTP. Get ready for your main set of work with 1 blowout effort at FTP for 3 minutes, recovering for 5 minutes at endurance pace.

Main Set: Start out with 2 x 15 minutes at FTP (100-105%), giving yourself a little rest for 5 minutes between each. At the end of those intervals, you could do another one or continue to improve your endurance with 90 more minutes after the second effort with watts at the upper end of endurance pace, which would be from 80-88% of your FTP.

Cool-Down: 15 minutes easy spinning at less than 56% of your FTP.

Sample Day 7

Club Ride

Go out with mates and enjoy stop at a café and have fun! make the most out of these days roughly 3 hours is sufficient more or less 30% is ok :). No pressure no zones just riding!

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