2 Week Power Boost

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:41
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:41
Training Load By Week

This short training plan is designed to give your riding a boost. Its been carefully constructed to give you that top end that you might need before your race or event. It assumes that you've been training well and have a good base aerobic endurance but need something to give you some more power.

As always I'd advise riders to be warmed up thoroughly before starting any training. I recommend a 15-20min warm up to the intensity that you'll be training at to waken your muscles and in the case of sprint sessions, to waken your neuro-muscular pathways. This will help to minimise the chance of injury. I'd advise a good 10-15min cool down, stretch and appropriate recovery routine.

Get in touch with me directly if you have any questions and I'd be happy to help with advice or guidance: chris@pedalperformancecoaching.com

Sample Day 1

Progressive warm up over 10-15mins to race pace @95rpm+. Allow yourself 5-10mins to rest, spin your legs & get ready for your effort.

Ride as hard as you can for 20min. Try not to go all out at the beginning of the trial. Try to maintain the same high pace & cadence between 90-100rpm. Note your average heart rate & power for the 20mins.

Make a note of where you ride, tyre pressures and the conditions so that you can repeat the test under similar condidtions.

Include a 10min+ cool down, maintaining hydration, eating something within 20mins & stretch for 10mins+ afterwards for recovery.

Sample Day 2
Core routine & rhomboid exercises

A good core strength and relaxed upper body is really important for cycling. Stretching pectoralis muscles to avoid hunched shoulders synonymous with road riders is important. Rhomboid exercises that you can do in a gym or at home with an exercise band will not only benefit your riding posture but give you extra muscles to recruit when climbing. Its also recommended for anyone working at a desk for any period of time.

I've attached a core routine guide and rhomboid exercise for you to build into your week. If you can do this 3 times per week you'll notice a big difference in 5 weeks

Sample Day 2
Speed set

Speed workout to help build leg speed at sustained power. The goal for the efforts is 100rpm+ so you'll need to adjust resistance to hit this.

As you do so try to keep your core engaged to save your back and stretch really well afterwards.

Sample Day 3
Threshold booster

Intervals set to boost your anaerobic endurance and build threshold.

Sample Day 4
Core routine

Whether you do this at the gym or your house, its important to get a core routine that you're happy with and you can repeat, steadily increasing reps and difficulty over time.

Start gently until you warm up.

Sample Day 5
Threshold booster

Intervals set to boost your anaerobic endurance and build threshold.

Sample Day 6
Fartlek Group ride

Club ride or other 2hr+ social ride at a progressive pace. Try to agree sprint markers along your ride before you set off e.g. sprint for a red post box, 30mph sign or welcome to a village sign.

This session means you'll have to keep an eye out for riders and traffic around you so that you attack when others are distracted for example.

If you’re on a club ride & there are others out with you consider riding together to catch the group in front i.e. slow to medium group. Hold with the new group as long as possible & drop back into the previous one for recovery, before repeating (if you’re all ready to go again).

Include a 10-15min warm up & 10min cool down, plus eat & drink as usual & feedback among yourselves so that you all take something from the ride.

Chris Sellings
Pedal Performance Coaching

I'm really passionate about coaching & getting the best out of people. I believe in giving everyone a chance, in working with different needs & aspirations, putting each rider at the centre & running fun coaching sessions. I work with youth riders in cycling clubs, youth development teams, women’s teams & individuals.

I work with riders training to ride sportives in the UK and Gran Fondos in Europe, for road races and criteriums and triathletes aiming for a PB in sprint to IronMan.