Cycling 8 Week Raise FTP Plan Intermediate

Average Weekly Training Hours 11:56
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 11:56
Training Load By Week

This 8 Week Plan is designed to raise your FTP, has 6 workouts per week and averages 12 hours per week. During the weekday, rides are 60-90 minutes and two of those rides are focused on raising your muscular endurance and FTP. The weekend rides range from 3 to 4 hours and one has FTP building intervals and the other is based on building endurance. There is one small micro recovery period of 3 days in the middle of the plan to ensure you can continue to build your power. An FTP test in the first week sets your power zones and gives a baseline of your fitness, then another test in the last week shows your improvement over the 8 weeks.

Sample Day 1
Leg Speed/Form

WU: 10 min. Alternate hi gear (easy gear) one legged pedaling, 30 seconds at a time on each leg, follow with 10 minutes spin with both legs, repeat until end of workout, ending in easy spin. Z1. Rpms should be as fast as legs will allow without bouncing or breaking Z1. Focus on smooth pedaling stroke all the way around the chainring.

Sample Day 2
Taper: 4 x 90

After warm-up do 4 x 90 seconds in the heart rate 4-5a zones (3-minute recoveries). Finish with a very easy cool down and stretch.

Sample Day 3
Test: Assess Fitness - 90 min

BT: Long warm-up of at least 30 minutes. Then ride a 30 minute time trial at a steady effort throughout. Use a flat, out and back course. This can also be done on the trainer. This is a very hard effort. What was your ave power for the 30' TT? What was your HR and cadence?

Sample Day 4

WU: 10 min Z1 spin. Z2 aero position, 80 + rpms. Keep hips from wobbling and bike from leaving a straight line down the road. Push/pull gears all around the pedal stroke. Stay as pretty/picture perfect cycling form as you can imagine. 10 min. sitting up spin for CD/Zone 1.

Sample Day 5

BT: Warm-up well. Then ride 30 to 40 minutes non-stop at zone 3 power on a mostly flat course. Slightly bigger gear than usual. 80-90 rpm. Smooth pedaling.

Sample Day 6
Tempo w/ sprints and big gear

45' warm up to zone 2 HR/Power
1 hour at 80-85% of FTP and every 3' go to 120% of FTP for 10 seconds.
10' easy
20' at 80-85% FTP and every 2' shift to a big gear, stay seated and push until you hit 90+ RPM's then back to tempo
15' Cool down

Sample Day 7
Base: steady aerobic ride

Warm up well for 15' with some high cadence spinning then hold the effort at high zone 2 for 70'. Keep the RPM's at 85+ with a fluid pedal stroke. Cool down for 5'

AJ Johnson
D3 Multisport

In over 15 years of coaching, I have helped 100's of triathletes and cyclists reach their goals. Certified by USA Triathlon and USA Cycling, I also have extensive personal experience as an endurance athlete. I enjoy working with all athletes, but particularly those who are trying to reach their potential while balancing the demands of every day life. As a coach, it is my job to create a program that works within your busy life. No matter your ability level, I can help you reach your best.