6 Week Base Builder (Soper Performance Coaching)

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:45
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:45
Training Load By Week

Six week endurance base building programme to help develop overall fitness as part of a longer term programme building towards a targeted objective. Based on using Functional Threshold Power this plan is designed to be flexible to allow you to alter training sessions within any given week to fit in with your lifestyle commitments.

NOTE: This plan is developed on basis of using functional threshold power. To maximise the benefits of this it is recommend to conduct functional threshold power test prior to starting to ensure correct setting of training zones. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions related to this plan. We are always happy to assist where we can.

Sample Day 1
Tension Intervals (Turbo)

Strength work on the bike to improve strength, aid in the recruitment of more fast-twitch muscle fibers and to bring your glutes into play.

Sample Day 2
TT Intervals

Longer TT style endurance intervals designed to hold just below a FTP effort as part of developing base fitness.

Sample Day 3
Intervals (Stressed)

High intensity intervals that will work both short term muscular endurance as well as aiding in developing the ability for on-bike recovery with shortened recovery duration between efforts.

Sample Day 5
Endurance + Ramp Session (Turbo)

Sample Day 6
2.5 Hour Ride

Can be between 2 and 3 hours depending on feeling overall.
Steady low zone 4 ride with a plan to complete 4 lengthened intervals after a minimum of 15 minutes ride. Try to have around 8-10 minutes recovery between the intervals as needed.
Intervals set-up as:

Intervals 1-2:
7 minutes high zone 4 (just below TT pace)
10 second maximal sprint

Interval 3-4
6 minutes zone 5 (TT pace)
15 second maximal sprint

Sample Day 7
Road Ride

Group or club ride if possible at a steady 70-75% effort

Sample Day 8
TT Intervals (Turbo)

Two shorter TT efforts at an FTP effort with a shortened recovery as part of base development before a final short ramp over FTP into the cool down

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