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Sofa to 1st Sportive! 12 week HR



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12 Weeks

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate weightloss time goal hr based tss based base period

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Plan Description

Always wanted to try your hand riding a bike? want to enter a sportive or race?
Then this is the perfect plan for you! the complete novice!

The plan has various tests throughout so you can see progression and keep on top of your game, throughout there are various stages to hit to keep the interest and make sure you enjoy every minute

Try our sofa to your 1st Sportive plan! It is ideal for the complete cycling novice who is currently sofa bound and not used to much activity and is looking to start cycling for health, fitness, recreation, commuting or to tackle a challenge or charity ride.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
5:12 hrs 3:00 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
5:12 hrs 3:00 hrs
—— ——



Anyone can ride a bike, attend a sportive or go on a local club ride, but being competitive is only for those who are committed, and intend to give 100% to achieve their success. Before you decide to conquer the world, you must first take on yourself which is where we come in. BikeStrongUK provides individualised specific personal programmes for cyclists of all disciplines.

Sample Day 1

3 min Maximal Output Test

3min Maximal Power output TT

Warm up with 5 mins in z1-2 then 3x 1 min intervals at 20 min power pace then spin the legs out make it 20 mins

Main session is a 3min Maximal Output Test Turbo or road time trial.

This is to not only see progression from last time you tested but also checking short duration power.

Another great bench mark for improvements we can use.

Ensure a sufficient cool down high cadence and 15 mins minimum

Use this link to gain more information on the test protocol and what to do with the zone post test;

Want to know how to apply the zones click here

Sample Day 3

1 hr Aerobic Endurance

E2 Aerobic Endurance Used for Aerobic maintenance and endurance training. use zones 1 and 2on a rolling course and stay seated on all small rises.

Sample Day 5

10sec - 20 - 30 Seated Sprints

Warm up vigorously with a few shirt maximal bursts.

Main set -

- 4 x 10 sec sprints with 3 min recoveries all maximum.
- 4 x 20 sec sprints with 3 min recoveries all maximum.
- 4 x 30 sec sprints with 3 min recoveries all maximum.

Cool down for 5 mins 95rpm z2 hr

Sample Day 7

Fast paced ride

Fast paced ride, try and do it outside. Just give it some stick for an hour and a quarter.

Sample Day 8

short Leg Speed Cadence Drills

Warm up cadence drills -

5 minutes 90rpm Smooth pedalling
2 minutes 95rpm Smooth pedalling
2 minutes 100rpm Smooth pedalling
2 minutes 105rpm  Smooth pedalling
1 minute 30 seconds
110rpm Smooth pedalling 30 seconds
120-130rpm Maintain form
2minutes 90rpm Relax and recover
6 seconds 150+ Max rev out
1 minute 90rpm Smooth pedalling
6 seconds 150+ Max rev out
1 minute 90rpm  Smooth pedalling
6 seconds 150+ Max rev out
2 minutes 42 seconds 90rpm Relax and recover

Main set -

Gradually increase your RPM until you start to "bounce" in the saddle and at this point you start to reduce your cadence slightly so that you no longer bounce. Sustain this higher cadence for 3 minutes before gradually slowing back down to your normal rate for 5 minutes before trying again, aiming for 4 sets or more over the course of your ride.

Cool down for 5 minutes.

Sample Day 10

Rest of z1 spin

Rest or spin Z1-2 really easy Rest - Focus on other aspects, core/diet/stretching etc but if you have time and want to loosen up then just do 45mins to an hour really easy ticking over.

Sample Day 12

Seated accelerations 1

Warm up for a minimum of 10 minutes in Z1/2.

Main Set:
6x 30 second seated accelerations.
3x 15 second sprints

For the accelerations find a well surfaced flat road and decelerate to around 10-12 mph and choose a large gear, ~53:13. Gripping the bars tightly and holding your core steady wind the bike up to speed until you reach around 80 rpm or you finish the 30 seconds. The aim is to really concentrate on correct muscle engagement in the first half of the effort until the cadence is above 70. After the effort take a 5 minute recovery in Z2.

Warm down:
Take 10-15 minutes of spinning at 95+rpm in Z2 to warm down. To ensure maximum benefit, make sure you have approximately 20 grams of high quality protein as soon as possible following the ride.

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