Road cycling training plan "All Guns Blazing Level B" for riders with 2+ years in the saddle

Average Weekly Training Hours 12:16
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 12:16
Training Load By Week

Just how strong, fast and epic can you be!? Good news, we have created a training plan to find out the answer. As Phil Liggett would say “prepare to reach deep into your bag of courage”, this plan is designed to push you and takes into account that you have the time, lifestyle and health needed to make cycling your main focus for the duration of the plan. This plan will focus on the big 3 elements of successful all-around cycling performance: endurance, climbing and power at threshold/FTP. We encourage you to use this plan after a successful build period as you start to pursue your top form. As this is a plan created for fit/advanced riders we are only offering plans for Level A and Level B riders. Check description below to what level you fall into. We suggest checking the average hrs needed for any given training plan by looking at the duration graph before committing to a plan. Rider Levels What are They: Rider levels are a simple way to help riders choose a training plan that best suits their individual needs. Classically, non custom training plans are divided into one of two categories, experience level and age. With almost two decades of working with riders, we know that experience alone, or age alone, only tells part of the story behind the athlete’s ability to complete and benefit from a specific training program. As such, we have created a simple three-level rider rating system that takes into account both a rider’s age and experience. How It Works: Before choosing a training plan take a minute to give the following questions some good thought and of course, some good answers. Write down an answer from 1-5, 1 being disagree and 5 being completely agree. I feel as though my body has an attitude and does not listen to me. 1-5 = I have a hard time doing 4 hard training days back to back. 1-5 = I feel my legs start to fade after 3 hrs of riding. 1-5 = I have limited time to dedicate to training. 1-5 = I have lots of stress outside of training. 1-5 = Results & Levels: Take all of your answers and add them together. Once you have your total number look at the list below to get a feel for our recommended rider level to choose for your training program. Take into account that some training plans are geared only towards specific levels. Level A : Total of 21-25 (-15%) Level B : Total of 15-20 (-20%) Level C : Total of 8-14 (-25%) Note: If you score under 8 you should continue to work on getting comfortable on the bike before jumping into a structured training program. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have at

Sample Day 2
Small ring ride with spikes every 6 minutes (power)

In your small ring get a good 15-20 minute warm-up in then do the following: Every 6-8 minutes do one minute at an 100-110% of your FTP. The interval can be on a climb or on the flats as long as the target power is reached. Leave 15 minutes at the end of the ride for a cool down.

Sample Day 3
Rollers or Flat ride w/spin-ups (Power)

On a course of your choice do 5x1 minute spin-ups. The spin-ups will start by shifting into one gear easier than what feels natural, spin this for 20 seconds then shift into an easier gear. Continue to shift every 20 seconds for the duration of the interval.

The idea is to train your legs to produce power even at the highest RPM ranges. Really try to keep your body relaxed and the pressure on the pedals.

Sample Day 4
Alternating Tempo, 20 minutes, CP45-60 (Power)

Alternating Tempo: On a flat road, Warm up well. Once warmed-up ride 18 minutes, alternating from CP60/100 FTP to CP45/110 FTP every 6 minutes. 85-100 rpm.

CP=Critical Power: The amount of time you can maintain at a given intensity. Example, CP60 would be the max effort you could maintain for 60 minutes.

Sample Day 5
Easy Spin/Small ring only (power)

Time to give your small ring a little love. Spin your legs in your small ring all day, concentrating on staying smooth and keeping the rpm's above 92.

Sample Day 6
Slow burn+climb (Power)

Zone 2 @ 80-85 rpm's avg with 5 miles of mild climbing.

Sample Day 7
3five short tempo (power)

After a good warm up attack at a high endurance speed. Drive hard into corners, sprint over the top of the hills etc. The key to this workout is to maintain a good tempo through the entire effort, even after making a gut busting push over the crest of a climb. Max effort should be high zone 4!
You will do 3x5 minute intervals. The rest phase is up to you; just make sure you are rested well enough to put in a good 5 minute interval.

Sample Day 8

Core strength -

Cycling requires core power to keep you rolling strong after hours in the saddle. We recommend doing a core workout of your choice twice a week for this plan and have scheduled such workouts on Mondays and Thursdays. We have had good luck using a Triggerpoint roller along with our core workouts since it offers the added benefit of self massage but suggest trying out various workouts to see what works best for you.

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