Sprint Training plan 16 weeks HR

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Sprint Training plan 16 weeks HR



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16 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Bike, 3 Day Off

Longest Workout

2:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters weightloss time goal hr based base period

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The plan starts with a 3 min aerobic test and is designed to build on your existing strength and endurance base, developing your ability to accelerate and sustain a high intensity effort. This pla is perfect for the rider who lacks a change of pace, would like to improve their sprint or would like to boost their vo2 max! Perfect for criterium racers and short road racers.

This sprint fitness is essential for competing at the sharp end of circuit and road races but this four week block will also be beneficial to track riders, sportive riders who feel they lack top end speed and any riders who want to be able to challenge during village sign sprints.

The plan also finish's with a test to measure improvements in aerobic fitness, the sprinting will talk for itself!


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:10



Anyone can ride a bike, attend a sportive or go on a local club ride, but being competitive is only for those who are committed, and intend to give 100% to achieve their success. Before you decide to conquer the world, you must first take on yourself which is where we come in. BikeStrongUK provides individualised specific personal programmes for cyclists of all disciplines.

Sample Day 1

3 min Maximal Output Test

3min Maximal Power output TT

Warm up with 5 mins in z1-2 then 3x 1 min intervals at 20 min power pace then spin the legs out make it 20 mins

Main session is a 3min Maximal Output Test Turbo or road time trial.

This is to not only see progression from last time you tested but also checking short duration power.

I would aim for 150% of FTP plus and hold for the duration.

Another great bench mark for improvements we can use.

Ensure a sufficient cool down high cadence and 15 mins minimum

Sample Day 3

10sec - 20 - 30 Seated Sprints

Warm up vigorously with a few shirt maximal bursts.

Main set -

- 4 x 10 sec sprints with 3 min recoveries all maximum.
- 4 x 20 sec sprints with 3 min recoveries all maximum.
- 4 x 30 sec sprints with 3 min recoveries all maximum.

Cool down for 5 mins 95rpm z2 hr

Sample Day 5

Criterium ramp fest, 20/40s, Ramp and vo2

10 mins ramped warm up slowly increasing cadence to the 8 mins point and you should be in high z3 by then. steady 2 mins ready for the session.

Main Set -
4 mins vo2 @ 105%threshold

2 mins recovery

6 x 20 secs max with 40 secs recovery

2 mins recovery

Ramp up with a maximal 5 sec sprint after each interval

30 secs @ 80%
1min @ 90%
1:30 @100%
2min @110%

2 mins recovery

Ramp down with a maximal 5 sec sprint after each interval

2mins @ 110%
1:30 @100%
1min @ 90%
30 sec @ 80%

2 mins recovery

4 mins at vo2 max 105%

Sample Day 7

Leg Speed Cadence Drills

Warm up cadence drills -

5 minutes 90rpm Smooth pedalling
2 minutes 95rpm Smooth pedalling
2 minutes 100rpm Smooth pedalling
2 minutes 105rpm  Smooth pedalling
1 minute 30 seconds
110rpm Smooth pedalling 30 seconds
120-130rpm Maintain form
2minutes 90rpm Relax and recover
6 seconds 150+ Max rev out
1 minute 90rpm Smooth pedalling
6 seconds 150+ Max rev out
1 minute 90rpm  Smooth pedalling
6 seconds 150+ Max rev out
2 minutes 42 seconds 90rpm Relax and recover

Main set -

Gradually increase your RPM until you start to "bounce" in the saddle and at this point you start to reduce your cadence slightly so that you no longer bounce. Sustain this higher cadence for 3 minutes before gradually slowing back down to your normal rate for 5 minutes before trying again, aiming for 6 sets over the course of your ride.

Cool down for 15 minutes.

Sample Day 8

Acceleration Training

Ride steady for 1-2 hours practice accelerating, by changing to a higher gear and increasing your cadence by getting out the saddle for a few seconds to ‘accelerate’ down the road, before resuming back in the saddle again.

Hold this faster pace while seated for a minute or so (no more than two minutes), before resuming your normal cycling pace. Recover for at least five minutes before you repeat. The effort level and intensity is outside of your comfort zone and you should look forward to a recovery, but this is not a maximum effort or sprint.

Warm down.

Sample Day 10

Spin ups, Cadence sprints

The purpose of spin-ups is to improve the neuromuscular connection.  Basically, you learn how to pedal quickly and smoothly while your upper body is still.  Pedalling fast while avoiding hip rocking and bouncing is the main goal. 

There are a variety of ways to perform spin-up drills:

While riding in a small gear, accelerate to as fast a cadence as possible while keeping smooth for 1 minute. 

Spin easily to recover for 3-4 minutes, then repeat.  This drill can be performed 6-10 times during the course of your workout, until fatigue sets in and pedal technique begins to deteriorate.

It can also be performed in a more controlled manner. 

For example, ride the first spin-up at 100 rpm for 1 minute.  Recover as above, then ride the next interval at 110 rpm.  Recover, then ride the next one at 120.  Recover, then ride the next interval at 115, then 105.  Continue this undulating pyramid until again, technique begins to suffer. 

Spin-up drills may be performed either indoors or out.

Sample Day 12

60-Minute Indoor Speed Boost


10 min easy spinning

Drill Set: Single leg intervals: 3×5 min
• Minute 1: Right leg only
• Minute 2: Left leg only
• Minute 3: Both legs at as high a cadence as possible without bouncing
• Minutes 4-5: Recover

Main set:

Progressive spin-ups: 2×10 min with 5 min recovery.

Start in a moderately hard gear with a comfortable cadence, around 75 rpm. Every 2 minutes, shift to an easier gear and increase rpm by 5. Keep the speed or power exactly the same as cadence increases (ex: 17 mph or 150 watts)

• Minutes 0-2: 75 rpm
• Minutes 3-4: 80 rpm
• Minutes 5-6: 85 rpm
• Minutes 7-8: 90 rpm
• Minutes 9-10: 95 rpm

Cool-down: 10 min easy spinning

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