Road - 8 Week Keep It Simple Beginner Bike Training Program

Average Weekly Training Hours 04:21
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 04:21
Training Load By Week

This plan is for those who enjoy cycling and want to learn more about how to train effectively. The plan includes weekly basic interval work focusing on shifting, legs speed drills and learning to ride at varied intensities. You do NOT need a Power Meter or Heart Rate monitor, or other fancy equipment to do this plan. The weekeday workouts can be ridden on a home bike trainer or gym spin bike and the weekend workouts are designed to be ridden outdoors.

The plan includes 25 Workouts and your goal is to complete at least 20 of them in the 8 week period.

Sample Day 2
The Chill Ride

Just go ride! Get on that bike at get it done! If you want to ride longer than 30 mins you can but you don't have to and don't ride more than 60 mins MAX!

If you're outside - a coffee stop on the ride is not obligatory but highly recommended!

Sample Day 4
Trainer - 1 hour Endurance with 6 short sprints

For this ride you'll warm up and then do some 6 min efforts at a "comfortably fast pace" at the end of each 6 min, attack at max effort for 10 -30 seconds.

Recover 1 min and repeat.

Sample Day 6
Endurance with 4x 1 min at 100+ rpm

During your ride today add four 1 min efforts over 100 rpms

Sample Day 7
Endurance with Cadence changes

Warm up 10 mins then for the next hour practice riding at fast cadence for 5 mins and normal cadence for 5 mins. just repeat 5 min fast, 5 min normal for a full 60 mins.

cool down 5 mins

Sample Day 9
1 hour with 20 fast pedaling efforts

Cycling requires changing leg speed quickly - you are practicing this in todays ride.

Main Set: 30 secs fast pedaling, 1 min easy pedaling repeated 10 times

rest and repeat.

Sample Day 11
Trainer - 3 min Tempo, 3 Min Endurance for 1 hour

Sample Day 13
Hilly ride

BT: Hilly ride - find a route if possible with 2 hills that will each take you at least 3 mins to climb. This should feel hard!

Warm Up 20-30 mins of riding before you reach the first climb. Zero your watch or heart rate monitor and attack the climb at the fastest speed you can maintain.

Easy spin to recover before riding on to the 2nd hill.

Repeat the drill on the next hill and again, note finish point.

Easy spin to recover and then continue with ride.

We will use these hills again to measure your improvement

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