Six Weeks to Gila - Intermediate


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6 Weeks

Typical Week

5 Bike, 3 Other

Longest Workout

3:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling intermediate masters weightloss power based hr based tss based strength

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In 6 weeks we’ll have your legs & lungs ready for the demanding stage race that is the Tour of the Gila!

The Gila is legendary for it's big climbs and high altitude. And weather too can be a factor in New Mexico's early Spring. This plan will help you sharpen your aerobic and anaerobic engine so all you need to add is your mental toughness!

Whether or not your category gets to go up the famous Mogollon and Gila Monster climbs, you've still got plenty of elevation to be gained in the this race. This plan incorporates plenty of Sweet Spot work to get you ready for those long grinds in & out of Silver City. The Time Trial is notoriously hilly and windy so we've included tips on "turtling" in your TT training rides so when you're redlining in on the Tyrone TT, staying tucked is pure muscle memory.
There's also plenty of punchy VO2 and even Tabata work to prep you for the Downtown Sliver City Criterium with its punchy climbs.

This plan builds over 3 weeks, then tapers into the race. You’ll start the plan with a 20 minute Field Test and the FasCat Training Zones worksheet to set your wattage and heart rate zones so you can train at just the right in each workout. And we’ve included the small details like rest days, race-day Openers, strength & conditioning, stretching and Yoga videos to obtain those marginal gains that make the difference between surviving and racing the Gila!

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Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:12

FasCat Coaching

FasCat Coaching

FasCat has over 14 years of experience coaching road mountain cyclocross and multisport athletes, mostly between of 30 - 60 years old. "Working men and women" that need balance and flexibility for whatever life throws at them. Before we design any training program we consult with the athlete first - how much time do you have to train - what do you have coming up?

We coach thru a custom designed training plan, monitor your progress thru your data and give feedback based on our expertise.

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Sample Day 1

Field Test: 20 minuter

20 Min Threshold Effort up a climb or on an uninterrupted stretch of flat road to determine training zones
For more info:
Find an uninterrupted stretch of road, free from stop signs/lights or longer descents. This needs to be a repeatable effort as you may test throughout the season.
Your goal is to put out the most power you can over 20 minutes, but also to be smooth & consistent as you perform the effort. Don't blow up in the first few minutes! Ask me for wattage pacing guidelines.

Sample Day 2

Spin Sprints

Do 8x30sec On 5min Off cadence sprints Max rpm!

Sample Day 3

Threshold Intervals: 2 x 10, TT BIKE

2 x 10 minutes on 5 minutes recovery
Full Gas!!! As hard as you can but pace yourself for a steady effort on both

Sample Day 5

Flat -Group Ride

Flat 'n Fast group ride to get the leg speed going and get used to rotations, sprints, and putting your nose in the wind.

Sample Day 6

"FreeStyle" Sweet Spot - 45 minutes worth

Sweet Spot Training: 84 - 97% of FTP - This is a 'freestyle' workout. There are no structured intervals for this workout, however your goal is to achieve 45 (60 if you feel good) total minutes of Sweet Spot Climbing. - Choose climbs in the 8 - 45 minute range and climb for a total of 45 minutes from BOTTOM to TOP - This is your choice as an athlete & a great way to fit in a workout over varied terrain or even during a group ride For more information about Sweet Spot Training please see: - Example # 3

Sample Day 8

Zone 6: 1 minuters, 2 sets

2 sets of 5 x 1 min on 1 min off; FULL GAS!! 5 min inb/w set
Zone 6/FG Intervals! As hard as you can.

Sample Day 9

FRC/Supra Threshold: 3 x 10 min, TT BIKE

3 x 10 minutes ON; 10 minutes OFF
Functional Reserve Capacity: working on increased the amount of time you can spend over your threshold

Six Weeks to Gila - Intermediate

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