Pav Bryan - 12 Week Introduction to a Criterium Training Plan (HR) 5:30 Hours Max PW

Average Weekly Training Hours 05:00
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:00
Training Load By Week

This plan has been designed by Pav Bryan Bikes Etc Magazines Cycling Guru. Owner and Head Coach at Pav Bryan Cycle Coaching and Nutritionally Fit. Team Manager at Direct Power Cycling Team. Pioneer of Truly Personal Coaching and Truly Personal Nutrition. Full info: We want you to succeed! Buy this plan and will provide you a free guide to download via a session in day one but if you do have any questions, please email and we will respond within 48 hours. If you are new to road and criterium racing (crits) then this plan is a great introduction to this discipline. It has no more than 5:30 hours per week training & can be completed with a minimum of heart rate and cadence monitors. This plan presumes you have at least four weeks riding completed before starting, if you have not ridden this much consider doing a short body prep phase prior. Position on your bike will be crucial. You should consider having a professional bike fit prior to starting the plan. Then setup a mirror as your train to ensure you can hold the desired position. Get a friend to video you on the road or while racing, check you're racing in a similar position to your training. Technique will also play a massive part. If possible join a local Go-Ride club skills session or check out your local race venue to see if they have any. If you can get a friend to video you then you can analyse technique such as sprinting and group riding later. This plan comes FREE with Direct Power Cycling Team membership (, you can get the code from the DPCT Facebook group or email We would love to hear how you get on! Please find us on all social media platforms - @pavbryancyclecoaching

Sample Day 2
Activation Session Development

The Goal Of This Session: is to develop a day before routine (activation session). 

Getting this right now will mean we know exactly how to prep your body the day before your key events so you are 100% at the start line the next day

Include your event warm-up & cool-down plus some high cadence low resistance efforts and about 5-10 minutes at race intensity

Make notes today & tomorrow on how it felt so we can come back to this and develop it over time

Sample Day 3
Max HR Test

The Goal Of This Session: is to set your training zones & set a benchmark or check progress against a previous score

20 min warm-up. 

Find a tough hill & power up it in a hard gear, should be at least 3 minutes long. Go all out! Later note your max heart rate achieved. Use Strava to track time up hill.

Compare it to your previous. Changes can mean you are fitter or fatigued. 

20 min cool-down.

Sample Day 5
Spin Ups

The Goal Of This Session: is to increase your leg speed & increase your efficiency 

10 min warm-up. 

On a downhill slope or a light resistance on trainer start spinning your legs, increasing your cadence every min until you reach your max without bouncing on the bike. Then maintain for as long as possible, time how long you hold your max then aim to beat it on next attempt. 

Recover for 3 or more min then repeat as many times as you can. 

10 min cool-down.

Sample Day 6
Zone 3-4 Ride - 1 Hour (Flat Pacing)

The Goal Of This Session: is to develop sustainable power or race pace

10 minute warm-up

Spend as much time in the Power/HR zones 3-4 (check them on TP by going to settings on clicking the heart icon to the left). Try to pace really flat, keep HR steady throughout.

10 minute cool-down

Sample Day 7
Pilates, Yoga or Core

The Goal Of This Session: is to develop core strength & flexibility, which will increase power output & comfort on the bike

An excellent opportunity to add in some off the bike core, flexibility and stability work

Where possible seek professional guidance or join a class for motivation

Check out the Pav Bryan Core Strength & Flexibility Training Plan

Sample Day 9
Strength Session - Set 1

The Goal Of This Session: is to develop muscular strength

20 minute warm-up

2x (5 min hard, big gear, will feel difficult but shouldn’t raise your heart rate or power above Zone 3, cadence must be around 50-60, then 5 min easy, spinning legs freely, RPE 1).

20 minute cool-down

Sample Day 10
Pace Builder Session 1

The Goal Of This Session: is to develop sustainable power or race pace

10 min WU

2x 10 min Z3, RPM 90+ (or slightly above comfortable), RPE 6 (of 10) with 5 min easy spin (into CD on last)

10 min CD

Pav Bryan
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