24 week Mountains training plan


Richard Simmonds


24 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Day Off, 4 Bike, 1 Walk

Longest Workout

5:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling

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This is a 24 week plan designed to improve your ability to complete an event in the mountains - be it a single day event or multi day. The key elements in mountain riding are sustainable/repeatable power and fast recovery, so this plan aims to develop both of those things.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:15

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Sample Day 1

Indoor bike session

Just a steady one, aim to get the heart rate in the 70-75% of maxHR range and keep it there for the full 1 hour. Take a quick break every 15 mins or so if needed just to move around/stretch etc.

If using power then look to stay in the lower part of zone 3.

Sample Day 2

Yoga/core/flexibility work

Easy session in the gym or at home working on something other than the bike!

Sample Day 3

Indoor bike session

As per Tuesday's session, but every 10 minutes put in a 1 minute burst where you ride hard - not flat out but hard. No HR/power guidelines for the minute effort, just go on feel.

Sample Day 5

Steady ride, consistent pace

60 mins steady on the indoor trainer or outside, c.80% of max HR. Should feel pretty solid.

If using power, use the middle-upper part of zone 3.

Sample Day 6

Long ride

Long ride, 3-4 hours consistently in the range 65-75% HR max.

On power, aim to stay as much as possible in the upper part of zone 2 - without going into z3 though!

Sample Day 8

Indoor session

Do alternating intervals - 4 mins with HR 75-80% max, THEN do 2 mins harder - just increase leg speed or change one gear harder for the 2 mins. Do all this 5 times, have 5 mins easy recovery then repeat another set of 5.

On power - 4 mins in mid z3, then 2 mins increasing cadence as prescribed, should be upper z3or just into z4.

Sample Day 9

Yoga/core/flexibility work

Easy session in the gym or at home working on something other than the bike!

24 week Mountains training plan

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