UCI Gran Fondo Series 2017 (Road and ITT)

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UCI Gran Fondo Series 2017 (Road and ITT)


Benjamin Day

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16 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Bike, 1 Other, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

5:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling intermediate advanced masters power based hr based

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16 week plan in preparation for the qualification races on the 2017 UCI Gran Fondo World Series calendar with the World Championships being raced in Albi, France. This training plan includes weekly TT sessions in preparation for both the road race and individual time trial at the UCI GF events. Hours range from 9-17hrs per week and average 14hrs per week throughout the entire preparation.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 13:26

Benjamin Day

DayByDay Coaching

Cycling,triathlon & endurance sports are our lives & passions.We have learned through experience about how to create the best environment to help you reach your potential as past professionals ourselves.
At DaybyDay Coaching we offer personalized coaching and consultation for cyclists & triathletes ranging from first time racers & fitness enthusiasts all the way to WorldTour level cyclists & pro triathletes.Please visit us at www.daybydaycoaching.com to learn about our philosophies and services

Sample Day 1

Free Endurance Ride - Z1

Build endurance with a longer ride with your effort predominately in the Z1 range.

Sample Day 2

TT bike - Free Endurance Ride - Free Riding

Basic rides maintaining power below Z3 except for short bursts (small hills). Enjoy it!

Sample Day 3

Combination - Alternating Cadence Efforts

WU: 20mins progressively increasing intensity
MS: Either on different climbs or repeating the same climb, perform 6x5min alternating cadence between 50-60rpm for one effort and 95-105rpm for the next at Z3 intensity. This should feel very firm, but not maximal. Ride easy Z1 between each effort for at least 5mins (ok if it's more)
CD: 10mins easy with a light cadence

Sample Day 5

Pedalling Efficiency - Spin Ups

During an easy recovery ride, perform 5 x 1min spin ups: Start in a light gear on a slight downhill or with a tailwind. Gradually increase cadence to max for the final 10secs. Recover as you see fit.

Sample Day 6

Field Test - 20min FTP

As a warm up complete 1x5min progressive Z2-Z4 effort and 2x10sec sprints. Ride AR/Z1 for at least 10 mins before arriving at a point that you can mark as the start and that has a clear road to complete 20 minutes of hard riding without stopping or traffic issues. Press your power meter/HR monitor to start an interval here and ride a 20min TT effort as hard as you can. Cool down appropriately.

Sample Day 7

Free Endurance Ride - Undulating Terrain

Ride over an undulating course, maintaining good style and cadence. Stay in the saddle for the most part of the ride only getting out of the seat 100m from the top of a hill and 100m over the other side to accelerate back up to speed. Maintain effort in the Z1-3 range except for the crests of hills when you should accelerate. This session is good for core stability, strength and biomechanics.

Sample Day 8

Recovery - Active Recovery (AR)

Spend at least 45 minutes (trainer) or 1hr (road) pedaling a small gear and keeping power/HR in the AR zone.

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