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Average Weekly Training Hours 03:29
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 03:29
Training Load By Week

N.B. If you are a returning costumer, please email us for 15% discount, stating your name and email and which other Output Cycling plan you have in your library. We will send you the coupon-code. --- Sweet Spot Base plans are foundation training plans that can serve as the basis for all training to follow. Sweet Spot Base serves as annual opportunity to revisit the form work that often gets neglected as the cycling season progresses and then it helps establish the aerobic fitness foundation upon which you'll build your season's top fitness, all in as few as 4 hours each week depending on your weekly training availability. Following the initial fitness assessment (where your extract the FTP as 0.9 of your best 8 minutes effort) the Sweet Spot Base emphasizes pedal economy - via leg speed, speed endurance & varied cadence - as well as base aerobic fitness via a healthy dose of Sweet Spot training aimed at making every minute of your indoor endeavors count.

Sample Day 2
Output Cycling: 8 Minute Test

Following a total of 28 minutes of warm-up, a couple of 8-minute time trials are used to assess Functional Threshold Power (FTP) & Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR). The recovery interval between assessment efforts is 10 minutes.

Use any cadence that suits you, but if you're pedaling slower than 80rpm it's in your best interest to increase your cadence over the course of your training.

This workout can also serve as a workout in its own right and will target muscular endurance and optimal aerobic power output during the two 8-minute time trials.

This workout could also be used to improve short-duration pacing strategies for short time trials or prologues, perhaps even downhill MTB races.

Sample Day 4
Output Cycling: Sweet Spot 3 x 12(3) min

This workout is 3x12-minute intervals at 85% FTP with 3-minute recoveries between intervals.
The primary aim is to improve your ability to resist fatigue at reasonably high power output over substantial lengths of time.

In other words, this workout is all about increasing your muscular endurance.

In doing so, you can improve your ability to climb faster & longer, face stiff winds without fading and time trial more consistently over the entire course of the event.

Additionally, you have the option of targeting specific aspects of climbing form, time trialing, speed endurance, and riding more aerodynamically.

Cadence recommendations vary depending on the current drill, but riders choosing to omit the drills should aim for a spin between 85-95rpm.
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Sample Day 6
Output Cycling: Endurance/Tempo 90 min

This workout is 90 minutes of non-stop aerobic conditioning at 55-80% FTP where the effort changes based on cadence.

Effectively a fixed-gear trainer ride with low to moderate effort levels that primarily utilize fat as the fuel source.
Primarily, the workout is about Increasing your aerobic fitness by growing your body's ability to utilize fat for energy and spare sugar stores.

Additionally, you can improve your pedal efficiency through high-rpm spinning and also focus on furthering your muscular control and joint integrity via low-rpm grinding.

Cadence recommendations vary at least +/- 20rpm from your self-selected cadence.

So for example, if you typically ride at 90rpm then your rpm range will be 70-110rpm - the greater your capabilities, the greater this rpm range.
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Sample Day 9
Output Cycling: ILT, Form Sprints & Spin ups

This workout consists of all sorts of form work including Isolated Leg Training (ILT), Form Sprints & Cadence Spin-Ups.

After 3x3-minute ILT drills you'll face 10x30-second Form Sprints with 90 seconds of rest between each.

Then, you'll see another, shorter 3x2-minute round of ILT and finish with 2x6-minute Cadence Spin-Ups with 3 minutes of recovery between them.

Improvements in form are the name of the workout's game.

Not only will you have the chance to target improvements in speed endurance, but you'll practice keeping tension on the chain and more consistent power to the pedals during some single-leg drills.

Even the smallest improvements in pedal economy, i.e. how hard you work for each pedalstroke, are magnified hundreds, even thousands of times. So pay attention and make each drill matter - it will be worth it

During the ILT drills, strive to raise your cadence to 85+ rpm over time, but only spin as fast as you can control without 'knocking'.

Form sprints can be extremely quick but again, only as fast as you can control - NO bouncing.

Same goes for the spin-ups: fast, faster, all-out, but no bouncing, no joint pain.

Sample Day 11
Output Cycling: Sweet Spot 6 x 6(2) min

This workout is 6x6-minute intervals of rolling Sweet Spot (88-94% FTP) with 2-minute recoveries between each interval.

The workouts primary emphasis is to increase muscular endurance via Sweet Spot efforts and expand your base for more intense workouts later on. At the same time, it focuses on increasing power output & endurance at moderate intensities.

Additionally, you can exercise the option to work on improving your pedal economy by increasing your natural cadence and reinforcing proper pedaling mechanics.

Various pedaling drills are incorporated into several intervals in order to target pedal economy and to alleviate some muscle stress with a quick, lower-force spin.

Try to keep your spin above 85rpm and follow the on-screen pedaling drills to the best of your ability.
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Sample Day 13
Output Cycling: Sweet Spot 5 x 10(5) min

Antelope is 5x10-minute Sweet Spot intervals ranging between 88-94% FTP with 5-minute recoveries between intervals.

Riders have the option to spend incrementally longer periods of time in an aerodynamic position.

The key aims of Sweet Spot work are to both further your aerobic capabilities and increase your muscle endurance.

Additionally, Antelope seeks to improve your ability to sustain power in an aerodynamic position en route to finding the optimal balance between power production & aerodynamic body positioning.

Shoot for a cadence in the 85-95rpm range, but feel free to venture outside of this range if your target events rely on quicker or slower spins.

Sample Day 16
Output Cycling: Sweet Spot 4 x 8(4) w. Spin Ups & ILT

Ericsson is 4x8-minute Spin-Up intervals in the Sweet Spot power range (88-94% FTP) where riders begin with a slightly quicker-than-usual spin for the first 4 minutes, increase their pedal speed for the following 3 minutes, and then spin all-out for the final minute.

The rest between intervals is 4 minutes and the workout kicks off with 3x2-minute rounds of Isolated Leg Training (ILT) where riders can train each leg's spin individually.

Primarily, Ericsson aims at improvements in sustainable leg speed while improving pedal economy.

By pedaling fluidly & quickly, with as little wasted energy as possible, riders can improve their efficiency in the off-season and revisit this workout intermittently during the competitive season, specifically during mid-peak training valleys.

Additionally, this workout promotes improvements in high-end aerobic endurance as well as a potential positive effect on muscle endurance.

TrainerRoad - Ericsson

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