Chefs Cycle Training Plan - Advanced/Intermediate 6-Month Periodized

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:55
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:55
Training Load By Week

A 6-month, hand-built dynamic training program that starts with field testing to establish current fitness. Individual training zones are then calculated using CTS Methodology with a few custom flares from Coach AP to help you train at your best and prepare for the grueling 3-day Chefs Cycle in 2018.

Sample Day 1

Follow the workout as prescibed: a good long warm up, with a build of intensity, openers, then tempo and EM to prep for tomorrow's hard workout.

Sample Day 2
Cycling Field Test (CFT) - 2x8min TT at MAX with 10min RBI

This is to see where we are at and used to establish appropriate training ranges. Follow the workout as prescribed with a good warm up, openers to prepare the legs, then 2x8min all out TT efforts with 10min Recovery Between Intervals (RBI). Finishing up with proper cool down, you'll be done in less than 75min. Give it all you have today!

Sample Day 3
Recovery Miles

Just an easy 45-60min recovery miles spin today. Keep the HR and power low, cadence in the 80-100rpm range, and help the legs recover before tomorrow's workout.

Sample Day 4
Verification Workout - 4x8min Steady State with 5min RBI

This workout is designed to test the ranges we created from the previous field test. We'll start with a proper warm up followed by 3x30s "Openers" which are short, ramp-up style sprints to get the blood flowing, then get into the main set. 

Main set of intervals starts with Tempo Power for 8min, recover, then another 8min interval of 5-10W increase. You'll keep building like this for each 8min interval Your Recovery Between Intervals (RBI) is 5min for each. Aim for 85-95rpms on each interval today, using the #'s calculated from you field test this week.

The workout will start easier than you think and will finish harder than you may expect. Some people may not finish the workout as prescribed, and that's ok. NOTE: if you can't finish at the prescribed power levels, lower the Field Test power by about 5-10W and proceed in future workouts. If you did finish at prescribed power and it was challenging, leave power where it is. If you finished and it was easier than prescribed, increase Field Test Power by 5-10W and proceed with future workouts.

Sample Day 6
Tempo with Openers - 2x15min with 5min RBI

To dial in the ranges one last time, we turn to some longer intervals at Tempo Power. 

Warm up with easy riding of what we'll call Easy Endurance Miles followed by 3x30 "openers" - which are short ramp up to max efforts. Recovery spinning for 90s between each, then Spin easy for a few minutes before getting into the main set.

Main set: 2x15min at Tempo Power and 80-90rpm. Feel free to change up the cadence to what is comfortable, but avg should be between 80-90rpm. 5min Recovery Between Intervals (RBI). Then go again.

Finish with a proper cool down. Done in 75min or less today.

Sample Day 7
Endurance Miles

Just ride your bike today: rolling terrain or flat, the whole goal is to get time on the bike and enjoy the ride.

Sample Day 9
Tempo - 3x12min with 4min RBI

After your warm up, go for 75-85rpms and Tempo Power on each Tempo interval today.

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