8 Week road Build 1/2 plan 9-13 hours a week


Scott Minard

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8 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Other, 2 Day Off, 5 Bike

Longest Workout

4:15 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling

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8 week Road focused improvement plan including power test. This plan is for power meter users. It includes a solid build including sweet spot, threshold and higher intensity work to get athletes ready for road cycling events in the 2-4 hour range.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:51

Scott Minard

Race Station Professional Coaching

Specialize in skills and technique for Cyclocross, Mountain biking and Road Racing. Bicycle fit and set-up. Long distance off-road events such as marathon Mountain bike and Gravel events.

"Monthly performance improvement plans at multiple levels. One-on-one interaction when possible including technique assessment, skills acquisition and practice. Athlete-coach contact through multiple channels when applicable. Independent power file analysis and historical data review available a la carte."

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Sample Day 1

Active Recovery

Very easy ride! Just spin the legs. No pressure on the pedals and no lactate in the legs. <55% of FTP/<68% of FTHR

Sample Day 2

Power test

Power Test.
WU: 20 minute spin zone 1
MS1: Do 2 X 2 minute efforts
rest for 10 minutes
MS2: Do 15 minutes zone 1
MS3: Do 20 minutes as hard as you can
CD: 20 minute zone 1

Sample Day 4

Endurance 2 Hour

Warm up for 15 minutes at an easy spin pace.
Then ride for 2 hr at endurance pace, (zone 2) 60-70 FTP. Keep cadence at 90-95 rpm. This is a steady but not hard pace.

Warm down for 15 minutes with as easy spin.

Sample Day 5

Tempo build

WU: 20 minute zone 1
MS1: 40 minutes zone 2
15 minute rest zone 1
MS2: 40 minutes Tempo 82% FTP
15 minutes rest zone 1
MS3: 40 minutes Tempo 86% FTP
CD: 10 minute easy spin

Sample Day 6

2.5 Hour Zone/ Sweet Spot 2 X 20

WU: Warm up for 15 minutes in zone 1.
MS: Ride for 60 minutes in zone 2/endurance.
Then do 2 X 20 minute Sweet Spot efforts at 88-94% of Functional Threshold Power.
*15 minutes rest in between efforts. 
Focus on keeping the power in the proper zone and power through for the full duration.
CD: Cool down for the last 20 minutes with a zone 1 spin, nice and easy.

Sample Day 8

1.5 hr Tempo

Tempo ride
WU: 15 minute spin zone 1
MS: 60 minutes tempo/zone 3
CD: Cool down for 15 minutes in zone 1

Sample Day 9

Sweet Spot 4 X 8 minute

WU: Warm up for 15 minutes in zone 2/endurance.
MS: Do 4 X 8 minute sweet spot efforts.
Rest for 6 minutes between efforts.
WD: Warm down for 15 minutes with an easy zone 1/recovery spin.

8 Week road Build 1/2 plan 9-13 hours a week

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