Betera 12 Week Masters Winter Plan with Strength


Sarah Matchett

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Bike, 3 Strength, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

4:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling masters power based

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It's true that a cyclist's max power matters, but it's the sustained power that is more often the difference maker in race performance. This plan is for the intermediate athlete looking to take their training to the next level and boost their FTP. This plan assumes your are familiar with working with power as your primary training metric. If you are new to power training or are not sure if this is the plan for you, please don't hesitate to email me with questions.

This plan is designed on a 2 week build , 1 week recover cycle


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:49

Sarah Matchett

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USAC Expert Level 1 Coach

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Sample Day 1

2x15 Tempo Builds

15 mins warm up building to level 3 and then finish with 3 mins hard effort really ramping to all out in the final minute.

2 mins easy then

2x15 mins - Tempo Builds with 5 min Rest.
5 mins low Zone 3
5 min Mid Zone 3
5 mins HIgh Zone 3

Ride 5 mins of Low Zone 2 in between these. And then finish with another 15 mins of steady zone 2 riding.

Cool Down 5 - 10 mins zone 1

Sample Day 2

Endurance and Leg Speed WKO 1

10 min warm up

MS1: 30 sec 100+ rpms (Z2) with 1 min normal cadence in between. All Zone 2 on this.

MS2: 5 min ramp to high Z2 (75% of FTP) then 5 min steady state at top of zone 2. Goal is 85-95 rpms on this.

MS3: 3 mins low zone 2 90-95 rpms, 1 min high zone 2 100-105 rpms. Repeated 5 times.

Cool down 10 mins

Sample Day 3

Tempo Intervals with Cadence Changes

Warm up 10 mins zone 2 85-95 rpms

MS1: 2x8 min changing rpms every 2 mins
2 min 60 rpms
2 min 95 rpm
2 min 60 rpm
2 min 95 rpm

All in zone 3 -

MS2: 2x9 min climbs changing rpms every 3 mins
3 min 80 rpms
3 min 75 rpm
3 min 80 rpm

Make these progressive - start in zone 3 and add build highert if you can as you go.

Sample Day 4

45 minute recovery ride

45 minute easy spin (active recovery). This ride is geared at promoting blood flow and speeding up recovery. Try not to do anything that you will really have to recover from on these types of rides.

Sample Day 5

Steady State Tempo and Short Hills Finish 2- 3 hours

During your ride today do

1x45 mins steady state progressive effort building in 15 min increments - start in low zone 3 and build from there. 

Also in the final 30 mins of your ride. three short (2-3 mins) hills and attack them hard (goal is CP5 Power).

Rest of your ride is zone 2.

Sample Day 6

Endurance: Basic Ride 1

Try for a steady ride today all zone 2. Keep cadence high, at 85 - 95 rpm. Power should not exceed 80% of FTP. It's OK if power hits tempo on the occasional hill, but keep the ride focused on building endurance. Cool down with easy pedaling.

Sample Day 9

Endurance and Leg Speed WKO 2

Warm Up: 3 mins easy then 3x1 min at 100+ rpms with 1 min rests.

MS1: 12 mins basic endurance - keep rpms between 85-95 on this.

MS2: 30 sec easy spinning :15 sec quick accelleration to 110 rpms and FTP - repeated 7 times so 30 sec easy, 15 sec accellerate 30 easy, 15 sec accellerate.

You'll repeat the 12 mins endurance/ and 30/15 set one more time.

Betera 12 Week Masters Winter Plan with Strength

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