Stage Race Simulation

Average Weekly Training Hours 20:11
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 20:11
Training Load By Week

Get a taste of what it is like to race a multi-stage race. This plan first and foremost will challenge your body's ability to recover day after day of hard training, other benefits include increased FTP, higher pain tolerance, and greater mental strength. This training block is not easy and is highly recommended to start with very fresh legs. This training plan is designed for high level cyclists and those with plenty of time.
Follow this plan with a full rest week before resuming normal training. Feel free to repeat this plan after a full recovery period.

Sample Day 1
Anaerobic Capacity

Anaerobic Capacity work while you're still fresh enough to do it. Make sure to finish all intervals. You can do it!

Sample Day 2
VO2 Max 2.5

Slightly lower intensity than yesterday. If necessary, ok to shorten Z2 between sets. Finish all intervals. If needed lengthen recovery times.

Sample Day 3
Endurance/Tempo 3

Ride 2 hours at upper Z2. Stop at a store get your favorite energy drink and stomp it home in Z3 for the last hour.

Sample Day 4
Threshold + Hills

If necessary, lengthen recovery time between hill repeats. Finish all repeats. Maintain Sweet Spot after hill repeats all the way home.

Sample Day 5
20 Sprints 2

Easy 2 hour ride with 20 maximal 20s sprints.

Sample Day 6
Steady Endurance 2

Maintain upper Z2. Not a recovery ride.

Sample Day 7
Kitchen Sink 5

Ride hard! Tomorrow is a rest day!!! (325%ftp = sprint!)