MSquared Coaching- 11 Week Advanced Level Cycling (Indoor with a Powermeter)

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:06

The Advanced plan is the ideal progression for riders or have a reasonable base of cycling fitness. You might be aiming to complete a 100 mile sportive, increase your speed, try your hand at or progress at road racing or improve your time trialling performance. This plan will address the physiological and technical requirements to succeed in all of these goals.

Sample Day 1
Ramp Test

This test requires a Heart Rate Monitor, turbo trainer and a computer (ideally with a cadence measurement). Your bicycle should have a close ratio rear block (e.g. 52 x 18/17/16/15/14/13).

Sample Day 2
Speed Skill 01 - Isolated Leg Training

Isolated leg training. Think about getting over the pedal stroke, focus on pulling up on the backstroke. Maintain 85RPM throughout main set.

Sample Day 4
Endurance 05 - Extended

Try this one watching a movie. Times will vary depending on film length 90-120 for main segment as required

Sample Day 5
Endurance 08 - Feel for Pacing I

Through out, guess your intensity level before looking at HR or CP. If you are just beginning a cycling program, start with 3 x 15 ramps.

Sample Day 7
Cross Training

Bonus session – This is not an essential session; add it to your training if you have the time. Choose an activity to help develop all-round fitness, strength, core stability and flexibility. If you already do another exercise session, structured or social, then continue to fit that into your week. If not, then try something new; for example gym, swim, jog or a fitness class. Remember to start all new activities slowly, don’t overdo it. If you are doing strength work, try these strength exercises -

Sample Day 8
Force 01 - Hills

Raise Front Wheels 4-6 inches. If your limiter is force, this is the workout for you

Sample Day 9
Speed Skill 02 - Spin Ups

Spin up until. You start to bounce in the saddle...

Michael Masters
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