100 mile/Enduro Mountain Biking Training Plan - 8 Weeks


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8 Weeks

Typical Week

2 MTB, 1 Day Off, 2 Bike, 1 X-Train, 1 Strength

Longest Workout

4:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling mountain biking intermediate advanced

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Typically Enduro riders find that they have great skills and base endurance but struggle to maintain the high race intensity for the timed stages and then struggle to back this up for multiple stages. With this in mind SISU racing has designed a training plan that focuses on building strength-endurance on top of their already established endurance base. Secondly we then sharpen your anaerobic threshold through interval training means they are able to rider harder for longer on race day.

We have found working with a number of athletes wanting to start racing enduro's, is that most of them are committed riders that have great base fitness and skills but lack the ability to hold their top end speed and lack strength endurance to get up the hills. This leaves them fatigued and unable to hold race pace for the entire enduro. Using interval training and scientific training principles this training plan aims to take a rider with good base fitness and get them race ready in just 8 weeks. Most riders will find that the addition of some well planned interval sessions will see their on the bike performance rapidly increase getting them ‘race ready’ in a short space of time.

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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:39
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:39
Average Weekly Breakdown

Duncan Grainge

SISU Racing

We Train individuals & athletes of all abilities. We believe in a collaborative athlete centric coaching style, where the athlete and coach work closely together to determine the training plan, goals, frequency and methods of communication. As experts in kinematics we strive to optimise the athletes movement economy which will in turn optimise your performance on the day, whether that be an Tri,10k, multi day sportive or even an IRONMAN or Ultra. #sisu #sisuracing #sisutri

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Sample Day 1

Easy Road Ride

Welcome to the first Load week of the SISU Racing Enduro training plan. This week is a load week and is designed to load your body with training stress to stimulate adaptation. The first 2 weeks of your training is a progressive loading cycle focused on the development of your strength endurance. Do not try and perform the training sessions harder or do more than is outlined thinking it will be 'better'. 

Your training has been planned to allow progressive development over successive weeks so you are in peak condition for your goal event. After your training sessions insure that you consume a high carbohydrate and protein meal within 20 min of finishing to maximise your recovery and adaptation.

Easy Ride

Flat to rolling course
minimal Zone 3+

Sample Day 2

Enduro Mountain Bike Rest Day

This will allow you to benefit from X training without over tiring your body. No more than 60 mins cross training. Run or swim is ideal.

Sample Day 3

Endurace Ride


Road Bike Zones 1-3 Find a Rolling course

Sample Day 4

Enduro Mountain Bike X-Train day

This will allow you to benefit from X training without over tiring your body. No more than 60 mins cross training. Run or swim is ideal.

Sample Day 6

Seated Hills

Rolling course today

This session is a semi-structured ride working on your strength endurance, technical skills and threshold. Get out and let the terrain dictate your work effort. Plan this ride to take in a mixture of gravel roads, single track and sealed road over hilly terrain. On the up hills, climb at a hard Zone 4 intensity focusing on staying seated as much as possible to develop your strength endurance and efficiency. Use the down hills as a time to recover and work on your technical descending skills. Plan this ride to take in the similar type of terrain that you will encounter in your planned goal race.

Stay seated on hills
Zones 1-3

Sample Day 7

Strength and Endurance

On the Road Bike again.

WU Easy Spinning 10 mins (W10E)

During your ride 3-4 Sets:10min Big gear
10min Easy spin

Sample Day 9


Warm up is 10 mins easy spinning and gear.

Main ride is in Zone 2 (Z2) but every 10 minutes sprint on the bike and then return to Z2. Keep this up during you whole ride.

100 mile/Enduro Mountain Biking Training Plan - 8 Weeks

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