4 Day Mountain Bike Stage Race - Personal Record Plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 15:15
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 15:15
Training Load By Week

This training plan is designed for a 3-4-day stage race consisting of three to four long hard and hilly days such as La Ruta or Breck Epicurious.

Prior to starting this 12 week plan you must be in the habit of riding 4-6 times per week and be familiar with mountain bike racing. Four hour rides have been a regular part of your riding routine for the past few months. This plan assumes you enter with a good fitness base and are spending the next 12 weeks putting a fine point on your ability to race fast and hard for 4 days in a row. You are peaking for this 4 Day Stage race.

This is a tough plan to ready you for a tough race.

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Sample Day 1
DAY #1 Strength Training

DAY #1: Warm up with 5 minutes of easy aerobic exercise or calisthenics. Then do 10 push-ups, 10 pull-ups, 10 pillar ball twists, 10 psoas crunches to each side, 10 regular crunches, 10 oblique crunches, 10 side lifts to each side, 10 supermans, 10 glute bridges. Repeat 2-3 times through.

Sample Day 2
DAY #2 Power and HR Performance 20 min Field Test

DAY #2: Heart rate, Power and Performance Field Test. Do a long deep warm up prior to the test. Then time trial 20 minutes on a flat out-back course or up a continuous gradual climb. Pace the 20 minutes evenly with a maximal effort. Record average power, average heart rate and distance covered in the 20 minutes. Finish ride time with long easy cool down. Use the LW Coaching Heart Rate Zone and Power Training level Calculator at this link to calculate your training zones/levels: http://lwcoaching.com/trainingplans/levelCalcs.htm . Prior to
conducting this test review the Testing Guidelines doc found at this link: http://lwcoaching.com/?p=138

Sample Day 2
Foam roller and stretch

Use a combination of rolling on the foam roller and stretching to work out your hot spots.

Sample Day 3
DAY #3 Pedaling Skills

DAY #3: Warm up for 10 minutes with easy spinning in HR zone 1 or Power level 1.

Max Cadence Set: 10 X 1 minutes as 10 seconds max cadence and 50 seconds easy spin recovery. HR stays zone 1-2 and below.

Spin-Up Set: 8 X 2 minutes as 1 minute high cadence, 1 minute easy spin. HR stays zone 1-2 and below.

Finish ride time at a super easy cool down pace with heart rate zone 1 and Power in L1.

Sample Day 3
DAY #3 Core and Stretch

DAY #3: After riding today do 15 minutes of core training. Choose a variety of exercises for your hips, abdominals and back. Examples are bridging, pillar exercises, crunches, back extensions, Pilates. Then do 15 minutes of stretching. Focus on your legs and hips.

For some exercise suggestions click on this link Core Training for Mountain Bikers http://lwcoaching.com/core-strength-for-mountain-bikers/

Sample Day 4
DAY #4 Foam Roll and stretch

DAY #4: After riding today use a combination of rolling on the foam roller and stretching to work out your hot spots.

Sample Day 4
DAY #4 Interval Training

DAY #4: Warm up with 30 minutes easy spinning then do 12 X 30 seconds at max effort with 4.5 minutes easy spinning between each repeat. Be sure to take the full 4.5 minutes recovery between each repeat. This workout is to stimulate speed and muscle development. The muscular fuel source is Creatine Phosphate (CP). CP is entirely used up in 30 seconds and takes 4.5 mins to regenerate. If you start the next repeat before CP has regenerated the effectiveness of this workout is undermined. I KNOW you will feel ready before 4.5 mins is up. This workout requires patience to reap its magic.

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