Peaking for Leadville - The Last 3-4 Months

Average Weekly Training Hours 11:32
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 11:32
Training Load By Week

This plan is for the athlete wanting to do Leadville 100 Trail race. This plan will get you fit but also make sure you are prepared. It follows the same progressions and ideas I have used to get all of my athletes under 11 hours at least, even with mechanicals or bad weather. Many athletes have gone under 9 hours following this training AND, most importantly, the preparation tips. Novice to Intermediate riders looking to go between 8 and 12 hours will find this helps them prepare. Includes Strength, Preparation/Planning/Scheduling Tips. Weeks are generally 5-11 hours, building to 16-20 hours at most as the event approaches (options to decrease or add hours are directed in plan in) I have included weekly/monthly notes to help guide athletes towards the preparation required to succeed. My experience has been that much of the success at Leadville is due to preparation and determination. Please feel free to look at my 3 month fully custom plans and coaching packages if concerned about this plan's applicability to you. Many people have better success with a plan built around their daily schedule (family/work/current ability etc.) and their own specific goals and abilities. The custom plans are only $100 + tax. for details on coaching/custom plans or email me Happy Training, Many thanks Peter

Sample Day 2
MTB Hill Sprints - #1 **add 10-20 min of core after ride**

wu: 30min 10 x 1min @ 110-120rpm and tempo Effort/watts / 2min comfy cadence-pace recovery
Main WO:
= 5 x 10sec hill sprints
*come into hill moving fast and sprint to hold gear/pace up hill
** hill should be moderate grade (2-5%)
= Recovery is 3-5 min bw efforts
cd: just ride easy by feel working on your mtb skills like log hops, cornering, wheelies and rock gardens.

POST: Upload your files and do 10-20min of core focused on your hips (lunges, side bridges) and back (back ext, plank) ... one leg deadlifts, hamstring curls on ball and glute bridges are great as well.

Sample Day 3
*Tempo 4 x 10 ( up to 3hr )

* Moderate load and RPM challenges your Muscular Endurance which improves average speed in races and key factor in Endurance races
15-30min total time
WITH 5 x 30sec spin-ups to max cadence and 1-2 max 10-12 sec sprints seated or standing depending on your limiter.
4 x 10 min ON 80-85%MHR 70-80 RPM and
- OFF 2min Easy 95/105 rpm EASY
Then finish ride easy endurance @ 95+RPM

Sample Day 4
ROAD Endurance w/ FP

FOCUS: coordination and endurance maintenence, do not push intensity allow other systems to recover WU: build to pace . main wo: endurance 60-75% flat road and 90+RPM but don't stress too hard on RPM , just make it high by feel Include FAST PEDAL (FP) 10 x 1min at 110+rpm (~tempo watts or moderate effort/rpe) spaced out over ride CD: spin down until under 120bpm and feeling great.

Sample Day 5
Your Core Routine - Commit to 10 min !

Very important this is paired with another activity like waking up, or starting your ride and done daily.


Note: pick 5+ exercises and rotate thru. Think about variety for front/sides/back and get standing in some lunge or single leg stances as well


We are trying a method of getting core/strength in with minimal 'effort' and ensuring we establish a routine. This is best done right out of bed before breakfast - some people will start coffee/breakfast and get it done = some do it right out of bed .


-Set a timer and/or count your reps - WE WANT 10-15 MIN or about 500 reps .


You pick the core moves to do.

I recommend SEVERAL from these:
-> Back Ext.

-> deadbug - lay on back raise/lower alt. side

-> Bird dog - on hands/knees - alt lit limbs

-> BEARDOG ( birddog with knees lifted 1 inch)

-> Plank Alternates (arm, leg and/or both lifts)

-> Crab walk or crab position leg ext

-> Glute Bridge - two and/or one leg

-> Side PLANK / CLAM shell - add leg lifts

-> Scissor leg lift/lowers (on back) keep low back pinned to ground*****

-> Back extension

-> 1 Leg romanian DL (Airplanes)
more ideas from ANYWHERE CORE
'Foundation' Core / back

Sample Day 6
4 x 2min / 2 x 12 min MTB Tempo

warmup 20-30min same as race warmup /duration etc.


1) 4 x 2 min max hillreps / 3min recoveries (on course)

2) 2 x 12 min TEMPO ( under 85%) offroad TT (on race course is good)

CD: spin down on road 10-20min easy high cadence

Sample Day 7
ROAD and MTB Endurance - Marathon Prep

Ride a mix of road, path and trail aim to climb as much as you can ensure using race gear, nutrition and pacing/limits

Sample Day 7
T-Spine / Hip Mobility Routine

1) Elbow to instep 6x each side , hold as required .

2) The Bretzl 2.0
=> do at least 20 very deep breaths focusing on pushing belly out to enhance stretch each breath , should find more twist after a few cycles of breath.

3) Bat Wing ( on bench or can do as standing, hinge at hips if needed ) HOld 30sec Heavy

4) Thoracic Spine on foam roller - Little situps
and bends with roller on back, slowly move roller from about HR strap height to shoulders after a few sit ups
= minimum 2min over roller , ok to just lay over it with roller from HR strap area or higher. keep belly tight.
= Mobility Wod

5) Hip Opener. 2-3 min per side ... find a position of restriction .

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