Base Training for Mountain Bike Racing 5-12 hrs / week **w. Downloadable Workouts**

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:14
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:14
Training Load By Week

3 months of fall/winter training to get you fit and ready to race mountain bikes

Features Downloadable workouts for Garmin/Zwift/Trainer Road AND strength routines in PDF downloads!

The plan is 8-12 hours a week with options noted to extend or reduce as your schedule dictates

This plan builds your strength, endurance, coordination (cadence) and muscular endurance. Workouts are based around the trainer and cross-training (ski, run, etc)

Strength Training is prescribed twice a week. A PDF download is included for each phase to make the routine easy to complete.

workouts help you pass trainer time and combine cross-training and strength with key bike workouts

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Sample Day 5
easy rec spin + prep bike and gadgets!

easy spin today. - Include a 1-5 x 30sec spinups to max RPM to get activated. These are done by spinning 10sec fast / 10sec faster / 10sec max RPM (by feel). Gearing should be easier. - The Overall RPE of ride very low - Additionally, use today to make sure bike is 100% ready to go for upcoming training and/or races

Sample Day 6
Test - CP3 AND CP20 (DL2)

Note: The Download file is there to guide your timing if you like. Do not use ERG mode unless you can adjust the loading based on the day.
-Today is a 'test' day - this is just a workout. Prepare like race day but your only task is to pedal hard and be motivated. These are very valuable simulations of race day. Always finish tests and races to hone your ability to achieve PERFORMANCE ON DEMAND. Do what you can TODAY
Common errors: Not calibrating, not having power or repeatable distance, underfueling in day/morning before, eating too close to test, Not having fan/cooling indoors, using different devices.
* if don't understand test/performance metric See this FAQ video or email
Where: Ideally on a big hill but use what you have. A trainer, rollers or local concession/industrial block work fine. Ideally you can go to same spot to do test so you can compare distance as well as wattage.
**for trainer/zwift USE MANUAL MODE so you control wattage/output
WU: Like a race. Be sweating and activated before the workout. Customize this to your preference so you are familiar on race day.
If you don't have a personal WU try 20-30 min w. 3-6 x 45-60 sec hard efforts with slightly higher cadence. Aim to have HR close to threshold/race average HR by end of warmup.
Main WO:
- Complete a 3min TT holding the best Power output you can for 3min. Do not pace for the 20min, this should be very hard/fast.
- 10min very easy spinning. Try to keep this duration the same between tests to gauge recovery ability.
- 20min TT holding best power output for 20min, a 10-30sec hard start then settle in a bit below target watts for first 10min is usually the best strategy.
CD: Spin easy to finish time
POST: TELL ME how you felt, strategy and anything about the days before, list key workout data (you should see this on your device as you finish interval) :
Cp3 - 330w avg , max HR = 180bpm
Cp20- 240w, max HR = 170bpm

Sample Day 7
Your Choice !

FOCUS: Having fun and doing what seems right to you today. Some freedom from structure is rejuvenating. MainWO: Take today as you feel can be ride , hard-easy , long-short ... or crosstrain or off ! CD: Make sure to tell me about your day in detail .

Sample Day 9
Strength Adaptation Phase 1 (AA-1)

download the attachment to this workout for image examples and to print or store on phone.

-*Anatomical Adaptation is meant to get you ready for heavy strength training.

Avoid pushing too hard in this phase, keep a few reps/sets in reserve always/Form focus.

2-5min cardio to get blood moving/temperature up *Skip , row, bike, run, elliptical all great
6 reps of 3-4 Active Flex movements such as lunge w. twist, glute bridge, sumo squat, airplanes, scap pushup, over-head dowel, inch-worm

3 sets 10-15 reps. Start at 10 reps, add weight when can do 15.

A- Lunge or Step Up w. Knee Up - Add Dumbbells/Weight as required.
A- Push Up (elevate hands or feet to reach reps)
A - Hip Flexor or Hip Mobility = 2 min

Main Set B:
3 sets 10-15 reps. Start at 10 reps, add weight when can do 15.

B- 1 Leg Romanian Deadlift - use weight if have, else work on form-control
B- ½ Kneeling - Single Arm - Overhead Press
B - Side Plank left/right from knees or feet (full side plank), or plank w. leg lift (vary with ability) 20-60 sec each

Main Set C:
3 sets 10-15 reps. Start at 10 reps, add weight when can do 15.

C- Pullup or Row (TRX, or Dumbell)
C- Back Extension (on ground or apparatus)
C- Prone Plank 30sec-60sec *touch knee down every 10sec

5-10min on personal mobility limiter

Sample Day 9
optional: add time endurance 65-75% very steady >90RPM

Sample Day 10
Coord 8 x 1 - Moderate FP high rpm (DL2)

GOAL: To build capacity to pedal in different ways and at different speeds. Best on trainer or flat-ish road. This improves the range of cadence you can use efficiently.
WU: Build to endurance pace over 5-20min include 2-3 x 30sec fast/faster/fastest spinups (last 10sec max cadence/ high effort)
=> 8 x 1 min @ tempo-threshold AND 110-120rpm
- focus on being steady and in that cadence range.
** recover easy for 3+min b/w efforts just easy spinning
CD: finish time bottom of endurance range (65-75%) and comfortably high rpm. Including skills or extra drills always great use of time.

Sample Day 11
Sweet Spot - 3 x 8 ( DL )

sweet spot - a mix of tempo/threshold to get lots of bang for your training-time buck !
Warmup by doing 2x Seated STOMP sprints where you shift to a hard gear/low rpm/low speed and then STOMP your cadence up to ~80rpm and high speed over 8-12 seconds.
3 x 8 minutes
Ride at 88-93% of FTP (Cp60) or 83-88% MHR, your RPE should be ~7/10, with a few 'gears' left to push threshold, TT, Vo2 above this. Not race pace but breathing should be noticeable.
RPM 80-90RPM (moderate)
Leave 3 minutes recovery between spinning at wattage that holds HR at 70% MHR

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