3 Months To Peak MTB XC Race

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:15
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:15
Training Load By Week

This is 3 months of training focused on your best performance at an XC Mountain Bike Race approximately 3 months / 12 weeks from the start of the plan.

Hour range from 5 - 15 hours / week but can be adapted by dropping duration of the 1-2 road days or adding volume to the shorter days and also to the road days.

Most weekday rides are under 2 hours with some 3-hour mid-week rides prescribed (this can be shortened to 90 minutes)

Plan pushes you to do more focused intensity specific to off-road riding and more riding offroad generally. Climbing is also a priority.

You should expect to start riding better technically off-road and become more used to riding fast offroad.

This plan requires that you take Off-days to boost your recovery and ensure the 2-3 weekly intensity rides are intense enough to boost your off-road performance.

Please feel free to email me peterglassford@gmail.com for more or get a 3-month Custom plan for $100 at www.smartathlete.ca to have the plan designed to you, your goals and your schedule.

Thank you for checking out my plans!

(Last Update March 2017)

Sample Day 2
easy rec spin + prep bike

easy spin today. Include a 1-5 x 30sec spinups to max RPM to get activated. These are done by spinning 10sec fast / 10sec faster / 10sec max RPM (by feel). Gearing should be easier. The last couple spinups can be a bit harder but keep focus on very high and smooth RPM. The Overall RPE of ride very low Additionally, use today to make sure bike is 100% ready to go for upcoming training and/or races

Sample Day 3
Test/Race Prep Day ( RST PRD )

*Today is to get your body and mind ready for upcoming test or race. - * Triple check that bike works, bolts tight, tires are in good shape, devices working/calibrated. - -Overall RPE Of this ride should be LOW (5 / 10 ) but the few efforts should be 9.5-10/10RPE - WU: 15min building hr to 70-75%mhr *including some <5sec efforts and HIGH rpm work is great . - Main WO: = 4 x 45sec max efforts, each should be slightly harder and should be done mostly seated. - - at least 5min recovery bw easy pace to ensure no fatigue tomorrow - CD: spin down and remember to clean up, eat/drink promptly after your workout.

Sample Day 4
*Test - CP3 AND CP20

DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT A PERFORMANCE METRIC (IE. NEED MORE THEN JUST HR or JUST TIME -- * if don't understand test/performance metric See this FAQ video http://youtu.be/lccnJuGlMiA or email - * CP3 done on Big Hill . Start on flat if not 3min (preride hill to guage) * Cp20 can be flat on a block or out and back (minimize wind influence) OR a long 20+min climb - WU: Like a race. Be sweating and activated before the workout. If you don't have a personal WU try 20-30min w. 3-4 x 45sec hard efforts with slightly higher cadence - Main WO: - Complete a 3min TT holding the best Power output you can for 3min - - 10min very easy spinning - - 20min TT holding best power output for 20min - CD: Spin easy to finish time - POST: TELL ME EVERYTHING ABOUT THE DAY AND INTERVALS AS BELOW: Cp3 - 330w, 145/155bpm, 90rpm, 2km, 2km/hr Cp20- 240w, 145/155bpm, 90rpm, 2k, 2km/hr

Sample Day 6
Road Endurance - Flat to Rolling

Flat to Rolling Terrain - Aim to be pedaling all ride. - Avoid coasting and big drops/spikes in HR - Limit efforts to 8/10 (ie. not sprinting) and try to match this with <80% MHR. Starting to notice your breath deepening or quickening is a good indicator you are leaving desired range. - overall RPE of ride should be 6-7/10 and average HR in 65-75% Max HR - limit muscular fatigue due to pushing at top of endurance zone the whole time or from hills or from hard efforts or from low rpm.

Sample Day 7
Your Choice !

FOCUS: Having fun and doing what seems right to you today. Some freedom from structure is rejuvenating. MainWO: Take today as you feel can be ride , hard-easy , long-short ... or crosstrain or off ! CD: Make sure to tell me about your day in detail .

Sample Day 9
2x10 and 2x2

wu: 10-30min as time allows

2x10min max sustainable, 
Rest 5min Between intervals
2x2min, Rest 1min Between intervals
Hold distances/speeds or watts as consistent as possible on efforts
CD: skills / easy

Sample Day 10
Road Endurance - PEDAL

flat to rolling
try to be pedaling most of duration and keep rpm generally high
a few sprints or 'jamming' ok but mostly 60-80%MHR and pedaling

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