FREE Smart MTB Training At-Home Training Plan with 9 Workouts! Trainer, Power, Strength & Intervals!

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FREE Smart MTB Training At-Home Training Plan with 9 Workouts! Trainer, Power, Strength & Intervals!


Matt Miller

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2 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Bike, 2 Strength

Longest Workout

1:35 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling mountain biking

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Here are 9 sessions you can do at home absolutely free.

This is 9 days of real workouts you can do at home. You can do these strength and/or smart trainer workouts in a short time, and you have an idea of what we work on at every level. I tried to tell a small story on every workout about what we do with it and why. The exact same workouts have been used by riders from top 10 in World Cup races to National Championship winners to new beginners training for the first time.
NOTE: These are NOT set in the order in which we would prescribe them at all. We would most certainly have more rest, which is dependent on the rider. Please do not do these in order or all in 9 days as this would be too much for any rider at any level. This was put in to 9 days in a row because it is difficult to offer a free plan with the appropriate rest for every rider; some need more while others need less recovery.

You probably found this program linked through either or On those sites is a clearly printed discount code. Just enter this code and the plan gets a 100% discount, thus making it free. You don't need any gym equipment, but the rides are built to sync directly to your smart trainer. Check out to learn how to sync up your rides or apply your plan.

I want to give you all an idea of what we do when training for mountain biking. There are a lot of myths and misinformation out there, so this will help you. The goal is that you will keep us in mind for your next training plan!

Try one or all of these over a few weeks depending on how you feel. Let me know what you think! Support us on Instagram @mtb_phd and
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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:29
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:29
Average Weekly Breakdown

Dr Matt Miller


I specialize in MTB performance and support rad athletes globally. I have a PhD in Sport Science and have raced in every discipline including the EWS and UCI Elite XC since 2003. In early 2019 I left my university role to focus on coaching full time.

Sample Day 1

MTB PhD Home Full-Body Circuit

See attached for MTB PhD Full-Body Circuit or link here:

These are dynamic movements that can be done with only body weight. These are designed to get your muscles working in different directions.

These are 20 reps total for each movement, so 10 reps each side. Complete these in order for one set before recovering for a few minutes ahead of the next set. Aim for 3 sets.

Best done after 5 minutes easy aerobic activity (e.g. walking). Ensure a 5 minute+ easy cooldown.

Sample Day 1


See attached for MTB PhD Stretching routine or follow this video as a guide:

Do this routine after easy aerobic exercise such as after your planned ride or after a 5 minute walk. Hold each stretch for 20-30s each side, pushing to mild discomfort.

Repeat the circuit twice if possible
You can add this on any other day as well

Sample Day 2

One-foot Pedal--Smooth Pedal Stroke Practice

Warm up for 8 minutes starting at an easy pace and finishing with a minute in upper endurance pace. Focus on a nice smooth pedal stroke.

Then alternate 1 min of pedaling with your left then right leg with no break, followed by 5 minutes at endurance pace. Take your non-pedaling foot off of the pedal and hold it to the side, away from your wheel or bike. Repeat this sequence 6 times before cooling down

Sample Day 3

FAST Plyometrics

This workout can be done anywhere with no equipment and little time :)
Get in a 5-7 minute aerobic warmup on the rower, bike, or treadmill starting at an easy pace and building to a 10/10 effort for the final 10 seconds. Finish by completing the attached MTB PhD Muscle Activation Routine, and then ONE of each movement.

These are all about POWER!
Move as quickly and forcefully as you can for each rep. Speed is the name of the game. This will recruit muscles fibers you forgot you have and will help you to pump, sprints and dampen vibrations/impacts while riding. Since this is all about power, allow full recover of 2-3 minutes between each lower body set. You can add the upper body sets in between some fo the lower body sets if you are strapped for time. You should be able to complete all of these within 45 minutes with full recovery.

The following are in Sets x Reps:

Single-leg broad jumps: 3x5—go as far as you can each bound. Once you've done 5 reps with one leg, turn around and jump with the other.

Lunge [split] Jumps: 3x8— from standing, jump as high as you can into the air and land in a lunge. Upon landing, jump as high as you can and land in a lunge with your opposite leg forward. 4 reps/set with each legs=8 total reps

Power Pushup: 3x6-- Push as hard as you can from the pushup position and repeat as soon as you land. You can add a clap if you'd like

Countermovement Jump- 2x5-- From standing, move down quickly to slightly below a squat position. All in one, seamless motion and without stopping, jump up in to the air as high as you can. Regain your fotting for 1-2 seconds and repeat the rep to complete the set

Stop if you feel pain

Cool down with an easy walk for 5 or more minutes. Follow the MTB PhD strecthing routine afterwards.

See here for more:

Sample Day 4

1 set Microsprints, 2x8 Threshold & 1 min VO2max

After a short warmup get in to 10x microsprints. These are an all-out effort for 3 seconds at the start of each minute for 10 minutes. Software limits these to minimum of 5 seconds, but it is better if they are shorter and harder. Recover until the start of the next minute. You might not feel much at first, but these are a great neuromuscular stress. Remain seated during these efforts, and try to not shift your gear so that you get a full range of cadence throughout the effort.

Follow up with standard 2x8 min threshold (Zone 4) intervals. The first one is low cadence and the second one is at higher cadence (90rpm) on flat ground.

Finish the ride with 1 minute at VO2max (Zone 5) Pace

Sample Day 5

Upper Body | Circuit

Complete these exercises with very short rest between sets of exercises (i.e. after completing a set of pushups, move on immediately to a set of pullups). 

Record the weight (probably dumb bells) you use for each exercise. The intensity should be high, but since you have very short rest between exercises you will use a lower weight.

Warmup: ~5 minutes easy aerobic activity

One circuit looks like this:
-Pushups- start with ~5-15 and add 1-2 reps each week
-Pullups- start with 6-10 and add one rep each week
-Dumbbell shoulder press-10 reps, add weight each week as needed
-Bent over rows-10 reps, add weight as needed
-Dumbbell renegade fly-10 reps, add weight as needed
-Dumbbell chest fly- 10 reps, add weight as needed
-Chest press-10 reps, add weight as needed

Rest 3-5 minutes after completing one circuit, complete 3 circuits

Cooldown: 5 minutes easy aerobic activity

Sample Day 6

Lower Body | Home Circuit

Complete these exercises with very short rest between sets of exercises (i.e. after completing a set of squats, move on immediately to a set of good mornings).

This workout can easily be done at home or in a hotel. You don't need a lot of weight, and a few jugs of water or a weighted backpack is enough. If you have weights it's a good one to push yourself without having to go really heavy.

Warmup:5-7 minutes of an aerobic activity before finishing with the muscle activation routine attached.

One circuit looks like this:
-Single-leg squats (non-moving leg behind you)-10 reps each leg
-Wall sit- 30 seconds (you sit with your back flat against a wall and your legs bent at 90 degrees)
-Lunges-10 reps each leg
-Calf raises-10 reps
-Box Jumps-5 reps
-High knees (running) in place- 30 seconds
-Jump Rope- 30 seconds

Rest 3 minutes after completing one circuit and aim for three circuits total.

Cool down: 5-7 minutes eacy of an aerobic activity

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