Heart Rate - Sport MTB Base 1

Average Weekly Training Hours 11:15
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 11:15
Training Load By Week

This plan is perfect for a Sport Level Mountain Bike Racer training with a heart rate monitor. 8 - 10 hours per week typically . This plan presumes you are just starting your focused training and will not be racing within the next 6-8 weeks minimum.

Sample Day 1
Pedaling Drill 1

~1 Hour Total Time on trainer. After a good warm up in zone 2 (20 minimum), do the following 3 times for each leg: 10 seconds of high RPM, 10 Seconds of higher RPM, 10 seconds of Max RPM, then recover for 60 seconds. After you’ve completed both legs do the following 3 times for each leg, in a slightly larger gear (53x17/15): 30 seconds L and R side alternating dominant pedaling (90% of the work done by the dominant leg). Repeat all of this 3 – 5 times if possible. Finish with a good 10 minute warm down & stretch.

Sample Day 2
TEST DAY - Heart Rate Zones

Follow the description included in the write up to determine your Heart Rate Training Zones. If you have any questions or need some feedback please email: info@sterlingwins.com adn we'll be happy to help!

Sample Day 3
Spin 2 - Level 2

1 - 1.5 hours of low HR efforts. After a 20 min warrm up spend the rest of the ride alternating every 5 - 8 minutes between ~100rpm and ~70 rpm, while maintaining high zone 2 to low/mid zone 3 on intensity. It's not a hard workout by design. More it is designed to work on a nice smooth spin and a bit of muscle work in the low RPM range (like 53x14). Cool down easy for at least 10 minutes.

Sample Day 4
Muscle Endurance - Level 1

ME Intervals (muscle endurance): 1.5 - 2 hours with HR in zones 2 – 3 mostly. For the last hour or so please do 4 x 10 minute intervals with your HR at the top of Zone 3 (within 5 beats, but not over) with 3 minutes rest between each interval. They can be done on either hills or flats. The goal is to ride a big gear at 90-100+ rpm on the flats and really work the leg muscles during the interval (Leg/Muscle RPE: ~8).

Sample Day 5
Weights - Transition/Prep

The first phase of the program has a low weight/high repetition focus to help develop the supporting structures (ligaments, tendons, etc.) and motor learning first. See the exercise orientation sheet for an explanation of each exercise. These exercises should be done in a circuit style. Do this routine 3x per week for two weeks.
Total Sets/Reps: 3 sets of 14 repetitions for each exercise
Phase Focus: Motor Learning, Endurance & Correct Form
Phase Duration: 2 Weeks

Sample Day 6
Endurance - Level 1

Moderate Effort Seated: 1.5 - 3 hours on a rolling course with your HR in Zone 2 mostly (not over the top of Zone 3). Ride your big chain ring and try to maintain 90 - 105 rpm on the flats and ~70rpm on climbs, but beware that HR may rise as you work the lower rpm. Default to the HR guidelines in this case and shift down.

Sample Day 7
Endurance Hills - 2.5k

Moderate Effort: 1.5 – 2.5 hours on a climbing course. Warm up for at least 30 minutes with your HR in Zones 2.. Ride only to the top of Zone 3 if possible and try to get a minimum of 2500’ of climbing during the ride.

Matt McNamara
Sterling Sports Group

I am one of those coaches who has built their life around cycling. I didn't stumble upon coaching - I have been developing as a coach for over 25 years through competition, education, and experience. I believe in the fundamentals of a sound program and take a whole life approach - incorporating your off the bike life into your training to maximize return and happiness in both!