FALL - 3 Month MTB Prep - Intermediate

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:13
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:13
Training Load By Week

Novice - Intermediate Ability and experience.

This is a plan designed to establish a good base fitness level for a novice to expert MTB athlete who is working 40+ hours a week and/or has 6-10 hrs to train a week.

The focus is on quality and maximizing recovery.

Please feel free to email me peterglassford@gmail.com for more or get a 3-month Custom plan for $100 at www.smartathlete.ca to have the plan designed to you, your goals and your schedule.

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Sample Day 3
recovery spin (easy) w. opening sprints

very easy spinning on bike include 4 x 8-12sec efforts to clear out the legs and get hr up and make sure race bike is ready to go. take extra time before/during/after workout to prepare mentally for tommorow and rest of week ... how will you feel at the line ? on the start ? or what workouts/goals will you pursue in next workouts ? ... experience the excitment before you get there and you will be more prepared !

Sample Day 4
*Test - CP3 AND CP20

WU: 15- 30min include 3 x 5sec max sprints and 3x30sec AT RPE of 3min goal pace *** do this on same route/hill OR TRAINER SETUP to make sure it works and to guage effort in main wo ** Main WO: - Complete a 3min TT holding the best Power output you can for 3min (ie. don't sprint and fade) Rest very very easy 10min spinning then 20min TT for best average power (great if on repeatable route) CD: Spin easy to finish time

Sample Day 5
*SMR-Stability-Stretch focused 1hr

* Today focus on building your mobility, coordination, stability and overall suppleness! This is an imperative part of being a complete healthy athlete and person. Do not underestimate the benefit of these sessions and ask for help if you do not know what to do to maximize these sessions. --- I have found these stretch sessions do 3 things to help clients. 1) Reduce Chronic stress-esp. if done in quiet room, no distractions 2) Reduce Limiters such as cramps, on on-bike flexibility, back pain 3) Reduce actual chronic/acute injury prevalence An example session would be: (2-3min per area/side/muscle generally) 1) use a lacross ball for SMR on 'trouble areas' = http://www.mobilitywod.com/2011/02/episode-172365-choose-your-own-pain.html 2) mobilize using a band fastened to a pole on ankles and hips = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ5_oQ9_fbE 3) stability movement for glute med (band abduction standing) and psoas - http://www.acefitness.org/exerciselibrary/images/exercises/medium/103-2.jpg *** band should be behind standing leg not in front 4) planking prone and side ... focus on quality with no side to side motion before progressing post what movements you did and what you noticed Oh and you can do this anywhere ... be bold, use your imagination http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ5_oQ9_fbE

Sample Day 6
- offroad TT test - pacing

** if outside/mtb not possible perform a Maf Test by doing 4 x 7.5min at the Heart rate produced by formula = 180-age .
- record speed or watts riding at this hr produces for each lap of the 30min (4x7.5)

offroad tt pacing practice ... prefer mtb bikes
complete 20-30min warmup with choice coordination (one leg / fast pedal) ... on road
- complete 4 x 8 min offroad loops with mix of terrain/trail. Don't stop b/w but splits taken at each time thru 'startline'
- this should act as a test for the fall and again in spring so try to use trail accessible.
- we are going to watch for a) hr max/avg b) lap consistency c) average speed.
cd: on road to finish time with 1/2 of coordination completed in the warmup

Sample Day 7
Bike Endurance - outside if possible

1.5 - 3hrs endurance Easy / Steady (90min is fine if inside ) goal of 65-75% avg HR and max hr not over 80% post avg/max AND Fueling Strategy to comments

Sample Day 9
*1hr STOMPS w/ fast pedal

*Today focus is on the max effort NOT on aerobic development. Stomps act to increase muscular power in the saddle.

wu: 10-15min easy spinning with a few spinups to get warm and coordinated

Main WO:
- 6-8 x 8-10 sec STOMPS, which are seated max efforts starting in BIG/HARD gear, slow speed, slow RPM. Focus is Stomping the gear to increase speed/rpm for 8-10 sec
-Take 3min recoveries super EASY (ie. 2 or 3 / 10 RPE)

CD: 10min as 110RPM 1min / 90rpm 1min

Sample Day 10
hard/mod/easy for 1hr

wu: 5min easy spin (longer if needed to feel safe and/or if you have time up to 30min) main wo: Do below set for 1hr a) 30sec Hard b) 1min 30 Moderate (tempo, Not Race pace, by feeling) c) 3min easy recover/low endurance cd: 5min easy till hr under 120bpm

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