Leadville MTB 100 Miler - The Last 6 Months

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:08
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:08
Training Load By Week

This plan is for those looking to do Leadville 100 Trail race who are also busy with work, family and other aspects of life.

This plan will get you fit but also make sure you are prepared. It follows the same progressions and ideas I have used to get many athletes under 11 hours at Leadville and several under 9 hours using very similar programs to this one. For goals under 9 hours, I would suggest looking at coaching or a custom 3-month plan (see below)

It is a 6 Month plan that can be started in Months 3,4,5, or 6. Starting earlier is generally better!
The plan is 8-12 hours a week with options noted to extend or reduce as your schedule dictates.

I have included weekly/monthly notes to help guide athletes towards the preparation required to succeed. My experience has been that much of the success at this event is due to mental toughness and really strong preparation. This plan aims to help you with these aspects, as well as your physical fitness.

Features Downloadable workouts for Garmin/Zwift/Trainer Road AND strength routines in PDF downloads!

Please feel free to email me peterglassford@gmail.com for more

For $99, I offer 3 months 100% Made For You Plans, which often works better as it takes your schedule, goals, equipment, and abilities into account -> http://smartathlete.ca/training-plans/
Thank you for checking out my plans!


Sample Day 1
Your Core Routine - Commit to 10 min !

Daily Core
- We all say we 'should' do core/strength/stretch but when are you going to go to the gym?
the daily 10 min core is the MOST successful intervention I have seen to GET IT DONE

This Document can provide ideas but please make it your own! Use your surroundings whether that is a hotel gym, a hotel room or your own 'training cave'

the idea with this workout is to incorporate some full body motion daily. this is in your calendar to provide a focus and reminder. This can be done in the morning while breakfast cooks, or before/after your ride.
Note: pick 5-10 exercises and rotate through them for 10 mintues. Think about variety for front/sides/back and get standing in some lunge or single leg stances as well.
Use any physio/injury/mobility / yoga exercises you are 'supposed' to do or that you enjoy!

-Set a timer and do work! - we want 10-15 MIN of work where we progress reps/load/challenge just a bit each day/week. Some days will be stronger than others as your training/life load dictates but work through and pay attention to what your body is saying to you!
Example routine (10-20 reps or 20-60 sec each)
-> Back Ext. laying on ground

-> deadbug - lay on back raise/lower alt. side

-> Bird dog - on hands/knees - alt lit limbs

-> BEARDOG ( birddog with knees lifted 1 inch)

-> Plank Alternates (arm, leg and/or both lifts)

-> Crab walk or crab position leg ext

-> Glute Bridge - two and/or one leg

-> Side PLANK / CLAM shell - add leg lifts

-> Scissor leg lift/lowers (on back) keep low back pinned to ground*****

-> Back extension

-> 1 Leg romanian DL (Airplanes)
more ideas from ANYWHERE CORE
'Foundation' Core / back 12 min routine


Sample Day 2
Recovery Spin 45 ( DL2)

very easy spinning on bike - Avoid sprinting, low RPM and sustained effort RPE should be 5 or less out of 10 - "like a walk on the bike" - no hard breathing, make it social, move gently for duration. - A small break to socialize/errands/coffee or to sit in the sun is great - do not fall into the trap of training on recovery days

Sample Day 3
Test - CP3 AND CP20 (DL2-RPE)

Today you will warmup and do a 3 min TT, do 10min easy spinning then 20min TT ... easy! Don't overthink this. It is just a workout. Show up and pedal. There is nothing special you can do today.
Common errors: Not calibrating, not having power or repeatable distance, underfueling in day/morning before, eating too close to test, Not having fan/cooling indoors, using different devices.
* if don't understand test/performance metric See this FAQ video http://youtu.be/lccnJuGlMiA or email
**for trainer/zwift USE MANUAL MODE so you control wattage/output
WU: Like a race. Be sweating and activated before the workout. Customize this to your preference so you are familiar on race day.
If you don't have a personal WU try 20-30 min w. 3-6 x 45-60 sec hard efforts with slightly higher cadence. Aim to have HR close to threshold/race average HR by end of warmup.
Main WO:
- Complete a 3min TT holding the best Power output you can for 3min. Do not pace for the 20min, this should be very hard/fast.
- 10min very easy spinning. Try to keep this duration the same between tests to gauge recovery ability.
- 20min TT holding best power output for 20min, a 10-30sec hard start then settle in a bit below target watts for first 10min is usually the best strategy.
CD: Spin easy to finish time
POST: TELL ME how you felt, strategy and anything about the days before, list key workout data (you should see this on your device as you finish interval) :
Cp3 - 330w avg , max HR = 180bpm
Cp20- 240w, max HR = 170bpm

Sample Day 4
Mobility Wod / Session

Let me know if need help to overcome a recurring injury/pain or improve your movement posture through your day at work, play or for sleep Spend at least 15min on a trouble area today Google 'Mobility Wod' + area (ie. back, knee etc) Common Areas: 1) IT Band http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6Fy5pvvm-U 2) Low Back http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT657soclws 3) Knee Pain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0jgpcRXiUE 4) Glute / Hamstring Pain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WQrUHNMNVw

Sample Day 5
Leadville HR LIMIT - Test Your Speed/Watts UNDER HR LIMIT

Your Leadville HR limit, wattage limit or RPE (feeling) limit is an important thing to figure out. This plan will help you figure that out by doing LOTS of workouts and intervals around this, so pay attention to figure out the difference between sustainable / all day pace and XC race or sprinting pace!
Today warmup gradually over ~30min until you are about 5-10 beats from your HR LIMIT (it is often around 85% of Max HR, or lower Zone 3.
Ride 30min UNDER that HR and note your wattage. It can be helpful to press lap every 10 minutes so you can see the average power (or speed) for each 10min block
Location is best on a flat road or steady climb that is long enough. Race bike is preferred but could do on road bike if have power there. Trainer would also work.

There is a download to help with timing but keep it simple!
CD: 30-60min easy, could be fun mtb if convenient.

Sample Day 6
Xtrain - get time in any sport/mode/mix - As long as you can go

Your choice of mode of exercise (bike is ok inside or outside, if weather is ok try to avoid too much trainer time today)
Try to keep building your time in XTRAIN so that you are challenging your body in other ways ... often this helps us make gains on the bike by challenging our heart and lungs more then we do on bike.
Easy breathing and low intensity. An ideal crosstrain sport allows you to move steady and keep your HR in 50-80%HR range ... if HR is not high or is very up and down it is not an ideal choice.

Sample Day 7
Is this a Monday? Check your plan is applied correctly!

This workout confirms your plan is applied correctly.

If this is not on a Monday please email me or add me as your coach to have it adjusted free of charge.

You could also highlight all workouts between today and the race and then right click (or use the hamburger' menu to shift the days the appropriate number of days


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