Category 1 TIME CRUNCHED Cross Country Mountain Bike Build, Peak and Race Training Plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:40
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:40
Training Load By Week

Each workout in this LW Coaching Category 1 Cross Country TIME CRUNCHED Build, Peak and Race Training Plan has both power and heart rate training guidelines. Athletes can follow along with a heart rate monitor only or take advantage of a power meter on some or all of their rides.

Are you trying to have a real life and race your best? Do you have other time commitments (demanding jobs, school, kids, other extracurriculars/interests) preventing you from putting in the massive hours usually required in most training plans? This training plan maximizes the time a busy person *does* have. You know, kinda like - train smarter, not harder.

This is not the quick & easy way to suddenly be a Category 1 Expert mountain biker, but a time efficient training plan maximizing workout time for busy folks who want to set their own personal records - which may or may not include a podium finish.

This plan is designed to follow on after the 12 week LW Coaching Category 1 TIME CRUNCHED Cross Country Base Training Plan. This plan will take you up to a peak fitness level and push you to breakthrough performances during your race season.

Most weekday workouts have tips to help you work the sessions into your busy life and advice on whether to move the workout to another day or just miss it out. Optional extra point bonus workouts are included in the plan for you to take advantage of when you have unexpected free time and each Friday has a bike commute option to take advantage of casual Friday's. The longest ride of the week is at the weekend.

Weekly training hours average around 6-8 hours with 1-2 extra bonus workouts per week on top of that available for you if you have the time and energy.

Visit the LW Coaching website to ask training plan questions on our forum, read mountain bike specific training articles, learn new workouts and see what events our coaches and athletes have been racing.

Sample Day 1
DAY #1 Core training

DAY #1: Do a variety of exercises for your hip, abdominal and lower back muscles. Examples are bridging, pillar exercises, crunches, back extensions, Pilates. If you are time crunched today you can split this up into 2-3 ten minute sessions and fit them into your schedule wherever possible.

Follow this link for exercise suggestions Core Training for Mountain Bikers.:

Sample Day 2
DAY #2 Hill intervals

DAY #2: Road bike hill intervals. Warm up well then up a 6-8% hill do 5 x 4 minutes at power Level 5 or building to heart rate zone 5 with 3 minute recoveries in heart rate Z1 or power L1 between each interval. Record power and heart rates for post workout analysis and comparison with future workouts. Finish the ride in HR Z1 or Power L1. Abbreviations: HR Z1 = heart rate zone 1. Power L5 = Power Level 5. Immediately on ending this ride replenish your muscle glycogen stores with a recovery drink containing both carbohydrate and protein such as Ultragen, Recoverite or Endurox or eat real food. Fast recovery after today's session is crucial to be able to put out a quality session tomorrow.

Read this Recovery Strategies Doc: today and use every recovery method available to you.

Sample Day 2
DAY #2 Post Ride Foam Roll and Stretch

DAY #2: After riding today use a combination of rolling on the foam roller and stretching to work out your hot spots.

Sample Day 3
DAY #3 Strength

DAY #3: 10-15 push-ups, 5 minutes of a variety of abs and back, 10-15 pull-ups or rows, 5 minutes of abs and back, 5 minutes stretching hips and legs.

Sample Day 3
DAY #3 Optional Spin-Ups

DAY #3: This is an extra bonus points workout. You may only do this workout if you have a fridge full of healthy groceries, can sleep 8+ hours tonight and have given time and attention to all of your loved ones. If you have the time and energy warm up for 15 minutes spinning easily and then do 5 X 30 sec (3 min+ recoveries) spin-ups to max cadence of 110 rpm in smallest gear available. On trainer, gym bike or mountain bike is fine. Relax every muscle which is not contributing to pedaling during the spin-ups. Experiment with muscle groups and see just how relaxed you can be while at 110 rpm. The goal of this workout is to fire your neuromuscular pathways quickly but not to cause any muscular fatigue or cardiovascular work. When doing this session correctly power and heart rate stay low.

Sample Day 4
DAY #4 MTB Starts

DAY #4: Off-Road: Race start practice. Warm-up well. Then, from a full stop with one foot on the ground, go all out for 1 minute. Pick a good line and practice fast clip into pedal. Without stopping, settle in at power level 4 or heart rate zone 4 for 10 minutes. This is best on a course which simulates the start of your next race. This is a great session to do with a competitive group. If you do not have time for this workout today then miss it out. ie do not make it up another day. Move on with the schedule as is. You will be generating heart rate zone and power training levels (if you have power available) on Saturday with a field test. Today review this Training Intensity Guidelines Doc: to check in you are training at the correct intensity.

Sample Day 4
DAY #4 Post Ride Foam Roll and Stretch

DAY #4: After riding today use a combination of rolling on the foam roller and stretching to work out your hot spots.

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