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8 Week MTB FOUNDATIONS + FREE 2 Week IN-SEASON Options, Trail + Smart Trainer + Gym Optimized


Matt Miller

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10 Weeks

Plan Description

Have you been procrastinating? Did you promise yourself you'd start training for your major MTB event, but never did? Sure, you've still been riding a bit and having fun, but did that structure and those intervals ever materialize? Are you unsure of how to blend riding and gym work as the season gets closer?

If you answered yes to those questions, this plan is for you!

First off, don't worry- riding is fun and that's why we do it. But racing MTB is also fun, and that's why we do it! However, racing is more fun when we are more fit- and 8 weeks of training can get you there.
Your regular, casual riding has given you a bit of fitness, and this plan can help take you the rest of the way. Through some solid theory and proven practice, we gradually build you up through two solid training blocks without crushing you or taking away the fun. Each week has two DYNAMIC gym sessions that are good for any level. They aren't overly long gym sessions, but are a great added intensity when combined with some appropriate intervals and purposefully easy MTB riding.

Along the way, we test your fitness, which is a valuable thing to understand as you go through training. Results from this baseline test will help you understand your body for years to come and also put into perspective the benefit of training!

The plans finished with two FREE BONUS two weeks as option for you to use in-season as you start racing!

Before starting this plan it is expected that you have been doing moderate or difficult rides a few times per week for the last several weeks (~5 hours/week), and that you have some experience in the gym. If you haven't been riding much, please check out the other plans; you'll get more out of your training by choosing the appropriate plan. If you have any questions about the best plan for you, please email Dr Matt at

You don't need a power meter to do this training (though they are great!); really all you need is a bike and a stopwatch, though a heart rate monitor will be beneficial. Each interval workout is 100% optimized to be plugged directly in to your smart trainer to control the appropriate intensity. OR these can be done on the MTB trails!

This is for XC and Enduro MTB racers, with the major difference being how you term "FUN" out on the fun rides.
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Training Plan Sample Week


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
MTB x3
04:27:00 04:00:00
Day Off x2
—— ——
Strength x1
00:28:00 00:45:00
Custom x1
00:54:00 01:00:00
Bike x1
01:06:00 01:20:00
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
04:27:00 04:00:00
Day Off
—— ——
00:28:00 00:45:00
00:54:00 01:00:00
01:06:00 01:20:00

Training Load By Week

This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

  • Power Meter

All supported devices

Dr Matt Miller - World-leading MTB Scientist


Dr Matt Miller is a specialist MTB coach working with professional and amateur athletes in Enduro, XC, DH and road cycling. He has over 20 international publications and presentations focused on MTB performance, including pioneering scientific research into FTP & Critical Power in MTB, and the very first MTB braking research (BrakeAce). Dr Miller has over 20 years of personal race experience, including at elite UCI XC and EWS races.

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