MTB XC (Cross-Country) Build Phase (Intermediate, Cat 2, Sport Class 8 weeks) Reusable

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:10
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:10
Training Load By Week

Build up to your A race with maximum power and speed!

This is a Mountain Bike Cross Country plan for a 8 week Build Phase before an "A" priority race. This plan has a strength and interval workouts to build up the body in preparation for the demands of cross country mountain bike racing. This plan uses power and heart rate zones for interval training. Also included is a lot of workouts for recovery.

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Sample Day 2
MTB Strength Workout

Use the endurance workout file attached to here on the paperclip icon on the top right.

Sample Day 3
Easy Ride, Zone 2

Sample Day 4
Threshold Intervals

Warm Up for 15 minutes at a steady pace with a high cadence. Then complete two 15-minute efforts at 90 - 95% of your power threshold or at 97 - 100% of your heart rate threshold seperated by 5 minutes of easy pedaling. These can be done on hills or on the flats but try to avoid extended downhills or any interuptions. The goal is to stay at the recommended power level as long as possible.Cool down for at least 15 minutes.

Sample Day 5
Recovery Ride, Zones 1-2

Yesterday was a tough interval session, so use today to recover in Zones 1-2.

Sample Day 6
Cruise intervals, 4-5x6 minutes at CP30

Cruise intervals. Road or trainer. Do 4-5 x 6 minutes at power zone 4 (2 minute recovery). Smooth pedaling. 85-100 rpm.

Sample Day 7
Group ride, race simulation

Group ride. Treat parts of this as a race. Ride aggressively. Experiment with race strategies and test yourself.

Sample Day 8
Supporting Session: Yoga

Do a yoga class or follow along a yoga video.

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