2017 Telluride 100

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:27
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:27
Training Load By Week

13 Week Training Plan Telluride 100 

At about 100 miles with almost 14,000 feet of climbing, the Telluride 100 is not only “the most beautiful race in the world,” it’s also one of the toughest. With the combined elevation and time on the bike, you must be properly prepared physically, mentally, and nutritionally for this grueling event.

This plan is aimed to prepare you in each of these ways over the next 13 weeks. Be sure to download the training plan handbook located as an attachment on the first day of the plan for best use of the plan and preparing for the event.

This is our 3rd year as the coaching partner to the Telluride 100. Our experience here and events like it run deep. During this time, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at info@gotenac.com.

Sample Day 2
Recovery Ride

Ride at a very easy pace that takes no effort to complete. This is an active day off, don't turn this ride into a workout. Cadence at 85-95 rpm. RPE 1

Sample Day 3
Endurance MTB

Warm up 15 minutes then ride Endurance pace at any type of trail system. Keep the intensity easy to moderate so you are fresh for tomorrow's Field Test.

Sample Day 4
Field Test

Warm up 20 minutes then do a 20 minute Field Test. On the test, start at a pace that is hard, but that you know you can hold it for the entire 20 minutes. After the first 5 minutes, slowly start to increase the intensity/pace throughout the effort. On the last 60-90 seconds, go as hard as you can. Recover 10 minutes. After field test continue at an easy Endurance pace.

Sample Day 5
Recovery Ride

Very easy ride, enjoy the scenery on this one and keep the intensity as light as possible. Do not turn this ride into a workout!

Sample Day 6
Endurance Ride

Endurance ride on the road, keep the intensity and pace at a comfortable zone. Maintain cadence at 85-95rpm throughout the ride.

Sample Day 7
Endurance MTB

Endurance MTB ride. Do this ride preferably on a trail system.

Sample Day 9
VO2max 5x3 min

Make sure you are well rested going into this workout. Warm up 20 minutes then do 5x3 minutes VO2max intervals. Go as hard as you can on these efforts while pedaling at a high cadence of 100-110 rpm. Recover 3 minutes in between efforts with very easy spinning. Best done on a flat road or 1-2% grade cllimb. After intervals ride at Endurance pace with 85-95 rpm.

Jason Tullous
Tenac Championship Coaching

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