2017 SM100 finisher's plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:19
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:19
Training Load By Week

Finisher's 20-week plan. Designed with a 3-weeks on, 1-week recovery standard model and periodized from build, threshold, VO2 and short taper to race. Longest ride in the plan is 4.5 hours. Satisfaction guaranteed; if not satisfied with the plan, full money back -- just ask.

Sample Day 2
L3+ 3x10-mins

After warmup, complete these efforts at just below threshold pace.
Road bike or mtn bike on relatively smooth terrain.

Sample Day 3
L3 tempo

Straight tempo ride.
Road or mountain bike.

Sample Day 5
L2 plus 5x1-min

After warmup, ride endurance pace and include 5x1-min hard efforts; ideal for hill repeats. Aim to use perceived exertion for the 1-min efforts as HR is difficult to use for short efforts like this.
Road or mountain bike on steady terrain.

Sample Day 6
L2 endurance ride

Straight endurance ride. Focus on hydration and fueling plan.

Sample Day 7
L2 endurance ride

Straight endurance ride.
Best on the road bike but easy trails (not too technical) works okay too.

Sample Day 9
L3+ 3x12-mins

12-minute sub-threshold efforts with 2-3 minutes recovery between efforts. Try and complete intervals uninterrupted but do the best you can (go with the spirit of the workout).
Best on the road bike.

Sample Day 10
L3 tempo

Tempo ride.
Road or mtn bike.

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