MTB - 4 Weeks Rookie to Rider

Average Weekly Training Hours 05:54
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:54
Training Load By Week

This is plan for the novice mountain biker who wants to add structure to their training and progress from riding recreationally to riding longer, harder and faster at a more competitive level. This is the perfect plan for a rider who is new to structured training plans.

As this is aimed at an entry to intermediate level riders anyone can do this training programme, they just need a bike and access to a gym. To get the full benefit a cycle computer is recommended but is not essential.

So all that’s left to say is ride, train, enjoy!

T. Stockdale - TS Cycling

Sample Day 1
Test Route

The route should have a number of climbs and technical descents and last between 45 min to 90 min.

Sample Day 1
Weight Test

Prior to commencing this training plan it is a good idea to work out what your Repetition Maximum is.   This is the maximum weight you can lift and complete 1 rep under control. For the workouts listed in the training plan start with 40% of this weight to start off with. If you feel this is too easy increase this up to 80%. Before you start your weight session remember to stretch properly. Do the exercises on the pdf attachment and record your RM weight for each.

Sample Day 3
Force HIIT Session - Static Cycling

Static Cycle (36min):
• Warm up for 10 min
• Shift into a high resistance on the machine so you’re at an 8/10 effort and try to keep your cadence between 75 and 85 rpm do this for one minute (try not to rock your body too much, use your core to stabilise yourself), initially building momentum out of the saddle before sitting down and carrying the speed through.
• At the end of the minute spin change into a low resistance but spin at 100 – 110 rpm for two minutes.
• Drop cadence to 90 rpm for 1 minute then repeat the three steps again.
• Repeat this cycle 4 times
• Cool down for 10 min gentle spin.

Sample Day 3
Strength Session - Gym

2 Sets of 30 Reps - Leg Press
3 Sets of 20 Reps - Lat Pull Down
3 Sets of 30 Reps - Unweighed Squats
2 Sets of 20 Reps - Bench Press
3 Sets of 20 Reps - Hamstring Curls
4 Sets of 10 Reps - Standing Row
3 Sets of 30 Reps - Russian Twist
2 Sets of 10 Reps - Back Extensions

Sample Day 5
Speed Training - Static Cycling

Static Cycle (30min):
• Warm up for 5 min at a gentle resistance.
o 3 min at 80 rpm
o 2 min at 90 rpm
• Maintain the same resistance but increase cadence to 110-120rpm for 30 sec.
• Then 100 rpm for 30 sec.
• Now slow down to 90 rpm to catch your breath.
• Increase resistance by 2 clicks and repeat interval.
• Repeat these (increasing resistance by 2 clicks each time) for 6 intervals
• At the end cool down with 10 min gentle spin at 60-80 rpm in a low resistance.

Sample Day 5
Strength Session - Body Weight

Body Weight Session (4 min):
• Push ups – The aim here is to see how many correctly carried out push ups you can do in 2 min. Only count the ones done correctly so keep that back straight!!
• Sit ups – As many as you can do in 2 min. Cross your arms across your chest when doing these. Only count correctly carried out ones so remember, have a split second in between each one when your back touches the floor to stop you from “bouncing” back up and try to keep your arms tightly crossed across your chest to stop yourself from pulling you up.

Sample Day 6
Skills and Drills

Dedicate a ride to essentially playing on your bike. Practice those fundamental skills like body position, cornering and riding technical sections. Use this ride to session sections of trail a few times and don’t be afraid to try different lines.

Thomas Stockdale
TS Cycling

Here at TS Cycling we aim to share our passion for the sport we love with everyone out there from the novice rider to the seasoned pro. Based in County Durham, UK, we draw on our experience of racing, guiding, coaching and technical experience, amassed over the years working in different parts of the cycling industry, to customise your training plans. Focusing on cycling specific fitness, skills coaching and technical support we are confident we can improve your riding experience!