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Intermediate 4 Week/1 Month Cycling Indoor Fitness Maintenance Plan (Power)


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4 Weeks

Plan Specs

cycling indoor intermediate advanced power based strength

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Plan Description

Thanks for checking out our Training Plan! Below is a description of this plan and the requirements to follow it. Hopefully this will suit your needs, but if not please check out our other options or get in touch on

Intermediate 4 Week Cycling Indoor Fitness Plan (Power)

Plan Overview

Athlete Level


Equipment Required

Power Meter, Turbo Trainer or Indoor Bike, Heart Rate Monitor

Average / Maximum Hours Per Week

6.75 / 7.75


Build Threshold and Anaerobic Capacity

It is recommended that the athlete has some experience riding with power and following structured training before completing this plan.

For more details on our Cycling Training Plans and Training Philosophy, check out our Welcome Pack here. This includes a glossary and FAQs on our plans.

What is included with the plan?

● Welcome Pack (link above)

● Email support

Summary of Structure


Training Phase

Average and Max Volume (Hours)



6.75 / 7.75

General Weekly Template








Rest Day / Stretch

VO2 Max Efforts



Threshold/VO2 Max

Mixed Intensity



Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
6:29 hrs 2:06 hrs
0:12 hrs 0:15 hrs
0:10 hrs 0:10 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
6:29 hrs 2:06 hrs
0:12 hrs 0:15 hrs
0:10 hrs 0:10 hrs

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Sample Day 1

Sub-Maximal Ramp Test

Including warm up, the test and cool down the whole session should take around 1 hour to complete and be executed as below. Please read it all carefully and get in touch with any questions if you have never done any testing sessions before.

Light warm up of 10 minutes, keeping HR low and rate of perceived exertion (RPE) to a comfortable level (2-4/10). Try to get legs spinning during warm up at 90+RPM.

Attached is a chart detailing the initial power output to use when starting the test. Output should increase from this initial point in increments as detailed in the chart.

Test to be continued until RPE reaches 8/10 - unable to speak in more than one word responses to questions, breathing very labored. Once this level is reached the test is complete. Take a moment to recover before spinning legs out for 10 minutes to allow HR to drop gradually and help legs begin returning to normal.

Do NOT take test to maximal or absolute failure, as that should only be undertaken with a trained professional observing the test.

On completion of the test the average power for the final 60s will be your Maximal Minute Power (MMP). This figure should be multiplied by 0.8 to gain an FTP figure with which to calculate power training zones. The final 60s HR again will be used as a Threshold HR itself to calculate HR training zones. The zone calculation can be done on Training Peaks in your Athlete settings in the 'Zones' tab on the left.

HR should be done using 'Lactate Threshold' in the first drop down and 'Andy Coggan (5)' in the second drop down. It will require Threshold Hear Rate, Maximal Heart Rate and Resting Heart rate to be input in the boxes above for this. Threshold we have ust calculated, resting is easily calculated through measuring HR at rest and maximal if not already known can be input as 220 minus your age.

Power should be set using 'Threshold Power' in the first drop down menu and 'Andy Coggan (6)' in the second. Again it will require the input of the Threshold figure we have just calculated from the test.

Sample Day 2

Hamstring and Calf Stretching

A short session designed to ease the legs after yesterday's hard effort.

Sample Day 3

Core Conditioning - Level 1

4 sets of the below exercises with recovery between as directed. Each set to take 2.5 minutes so 10 minutes in total for the full workout.

Forearm Plank - 60s

Rest - 20s

Side Plank Left - 20s
Side Plank Right - 20s

Rest - 40s

Sample Day 4

Endurance Turbo

Short warm up with three step ramp and three activation efforts.

Session consisting of three ramps from 75% to 90% FTP with the length of the step decreasing as the power increases.

5 light minutes recovering between each block spinning the legs out - cadence at 95+.

Ramp down for cool down.

Sample Day 5

★ 3x7mins @ 105% ★

Standard ramped warm up with activation efforts.

Main block consisting of three 7 minute blocks at 105% FTP. Recovery between blocks also at moderate intensity to replicate road riding where recovery must be done at higher levels to stick in groups etc.

Simple 5 minute cool down keeping the legs spinning to bring HR down and recover.

Sample Day 6

Mixed Intensity Session

Standard 4 step ramp warm up with four activation efforts.

Main body of session to consist of:

3 x 5 minutes at 100% FTP with 6 minutes recovery between

5 x 1 minutes at 120% FTP with 3 minutes recovery between

10 x 15 seconds at 200% FTP with 45 seconds recovery between

5 minutes very easy to cool down.

Sample Day 7

● Muscle Endurance Session - 3 x 15m at 85% ●

Standard ramped warm up with activation sprints to get legs woken up and HR built up.

Moving straight into 3 long active blocks of 15 minutes at 85% FTP. During these alternate 3 minutes at 80RPM and 3 minutes at 90RPM.

Ramped cool down bringing HR down gradually and spinning legs out.

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