3-week Cycling Lockdown Program (Advanced)

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3-week Cycling Lockdown Program (Advanced)


Endurance Lab PH & Swim Academy Coaching


3 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Bike

Longest Workout

1:29 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling indoor intermediate advanced power based tss based

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This 3-week training program is designed specifically for the time challenged cyclist incorporating some segments of long rides in the Philippines. This plan has an average of 6:44 hours/week with roughly a 5% increase in TSS/week. This also will revolve around your FTP, so best that you have updated yours.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:44

Sample Day 1

WB - Power Development (1:1 VO2max & 1:1 Threshold Intervals)

WU: 10 minutes Z2
MS1: 10 sets of VO2max intervals
- 1 minute Z5
- 1 minute Z1
5 minutes rest
MS2: 10 sets of Threshold intervals
- 1 minute Z4
- 1 minute Z1
CD: 5 minutes Z1

Sample Day 2

6x30sec Suffering Intervals with 2x15min FR Tempo Set

WU: 10 minute Z2 with 2-3 fast cadence

MS1: 6 sets of 30 seconds 130% of FTP. Recover for 1 minute at Z1 in betweens sets.

Rest for 3 minutes

MS2: 2 sets of 15 minutes Z3 (tempo) with 3 minutes Z1 in between sets

CD: 5 minutes Z1

Sample Day 3

HA - Mod. Race Winning Intervals

Race winning intervals! This workout is a classic!
Begin with a nice warm-up that includes fast pedaling drills. Next do 6 x race winning intervals.
Sprint out of the saddle for 10 seconds at 80% of your maximum power.
Next, hold about 105%-110% of you FTP. At the very end, sprint again to simulate a group coming up behind you in a race.
Make sure you rest at least 5 minutes in between each interval. Finally, end your workout with some fast pedaling drills.

Sample Day 4

10x30sec 1:2 Micro VO2max Intervals with 2x13min FR Tempo Set

WU: 10 minutes Z2 with 2-3 100 rpm efforts to wake-up the legs

MS1: 10 sets of 30 seconds Z5 with 1-minute Z1 in between sets

2 minutes rest

MS2: 2 sets of 13 minutes Z3 with 3-minute Z1 in between sets

CD: 5 minutes Z1

Sample Day 5

ELS - Triple Naic

This workout is focused on mimicking the rolling terrains of Naic, Cavite.

WU: 15-minute Warm-Up Protocol

MS: 3 sets of pyramid set. Each 3-minute segment will increase or decrease by 10% of FTP. Each set will start and end at 60% of FTP. Recover with 3 minutes at Z1 in between sets.

CD: 5-minutes at Z1

Sample Day 6

ELS - Cafe Amadeo

This workout is focused on mimicking the climb to Cafe Amadeo. Elevate your front wheel to mimic climbing on your bike. WU: 15-minute Warm-Up Protocol MS1: Ramp set, with 4-minute segments starting from 60% to 80% of FTP. Each segment increases by 5% of FTP. Recover for 2 minutes MS2: Ramp set with 3-minute segments starting from 70% to 97% of FTP. Each segment increases by 3% of FTP CD: 5-minutes at Z1

Sample Day 8

HA - Mod. 2 sets FTP Ramp Intervals

This is a great workout for all levels of cycling. Begin with a 15 minute of warm-up that includes fast pedaling drills.

Next, do 2 x 10 minutes at your FTP. At the end of that 10 minutes, up your wattage every minute by 5% watts of FTP for 5 minutes or until you CRACK!

Make sue you rest 5 minutes between each one.

End your workout with a 5-10 minute cool down.

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