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Scott Maclean

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2 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Bike, 2 Other, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

0:40 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling indoor beginner intermediate advanced masters weightloss time goal

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In this plan coach Scott has created a day block of high intensity training sessions.

You have 8 sessions and 2 x REST Days

Please weigh in and record at the start and again at the end.

There are multiple video links in the welcome section to help you.

There is also a hydration plan to assist you.

All feedback once you finish is greatly appreciated



Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 02:00

Scott Maclean

Kinetic Cycle Coaching

Scott has worked in coaching & athlete development for over 30 years working with local, national and international cyclists. Coach Scott has a proven track record and has helped beginners complete their 1st century ride through to elite riders competing at the Commonwealth Games and Youth Olympics.
Scott works with all age groups and offers one to one support, club and team coaching seminars, training camps, bike fits & offers a range of training methods & plans that work to individual needs.

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Sample Day 1

#1 Chase the Speed Clock

In this first session you are going to work like a clock. You work around the hands of the clock so 60/50/40/30/20/10 sec efforts. I start you like this as I want you to learn about sustainable pacing. Your 60 sec effort is about sustainable pace - what can you hold for the minute? This is going to be different from what you can hold for 10 secs???? So in this first session you do intervals with a 1:1 ratio. That means you recover for the same length of time as you work, 60 secs hard and then 60 secs rest then 50 secs work and 50 secs rest.....al the way to 10 secs work. you then get 10 secs rest PLUS 2 mins easy before repeating the same intervals a 2nd time.
You will learn pacing and start to understand VO2 drift as you will be gasping for air as you start the next effort as the recovery gets shorter! Enjoy and give every effort your best effort!

Sample Day 2

#2: 7 secs! Is that all? Well 15 x 7 secs to be accurate

Well it's actually closer to 5 secs. That's the fuel that is available in the muscle cell. Boom and it's gone but it's explosive. Now we are not talking about fast and slow twitch fibres here. You are just looking to empty the cell here and get used to how hard you can go. Remember the MIND will want to STOP the body push!!! It's madness anyway :) You are doing something that takes it away from that normal state! So go beyond what you think you might be capable of! Treat every effort like it's the last!
This sessions will introduce some heart rate drift. You will feel it after you finish the effort but you have 53 secs to get yourself together so you will repay the fuel in time and hopefully enjoy the session.

After 10 mins spinning warm up you perform your 7 secs at the start of every minute - you have 15 and then cool down - off - stretch - shower - job done

Sample Day 3

#3: Only 5 secs today! Hello EPOC and Lean Tissue.

Ok we move on from yesterday but we go to 5 secs as you are going to give it everything you have from the off! Aren't you! I want you to learn how important this short burst can be. Empty the cell and refill it. Simple eh - you are using up stored fuel and and refilling with what is surplus. You are working hard with bigger gear and contracting and recruiting more muscle fibres - boom - you are building lean tissue (fat burning tissue that is going to protect you!)

In this session we are going to be introduced to more heart rate drift. This is where your heart rate will continue to rise post effort as it deals with the oxygen debt built up. This is a great time to introduce another effort as it improves your efficiency to get oxygen in and get it to where it is needed QUICKLY! This is what we term your VO2max!

So 5 secs HARD and Then 10 secs only rest so keep the gear one that you can hammer and then just recovery. You want to try and avoid big gear changing as you only have 10 secs - you really want to suck in air - I promise!

You do 3 x 5 secs with 10 secs rest and then you get 2 mins recovery before you repeat these 3 efforts - you have 6 of these blocks in your schedule so 18 efforts!

We term the 5 secs HARD and the 10 secs EASY a 1:2 ratio (just 2 times the effort time = recovery time. If 1:1 effort then 5 secs HARD and 5 secs EASY)

Sample Day 5

#4 Blockbuster Finish

Now we add the two types of sessions together and ramp towards a big finish.
We use the 5 secs again and slide the recovery down in a big HIIT effort at the end. So recovery gets shorter and shorter but you stay with the 5 secs and you stay with the focus that every effort is your last. Of course you lose speed, power etc. That's the idea. Empty the cell and refill it but you just start running out of fuel if you do it full gas!

As the recovery gets shorter you will do more efforts - yes MORE - this way the body can adapt more and you can't find that easy exit door and cheat on the efforts.

so you do

3 x 5 secs with 1,55 min recovery
4 x 5 secs with 55 secs recovery
5 x 5 secs with 25 secs recovery
6 x 5 secs with ONLY 10 secs recovery - nail it
then 3 mins cool down spin

stretch - shower - job done in 27 mins !

Sample Day 6

#5 20 is Plenty - well at 15 x 20 to be precise

Today we use 20 secs as our work period and have 40 secs for recovery. These are what we term 20/40 efforts. You are going to do 3 of them (reps) in each block (set). The recovery (bridge) will be 1 min 30 secs only between the sets - you suck in the air, scream at your coach and look forward to the results.
The oxygen debt build up is bigger in these sessions than before so you will feel it hit you as you finish each 20 sec effort. Get the air into the lungs with good breathing but get ready as 40 secs of recovery will pass quickly.

Sample Day 7

#6 SWEATY SPARKLE as we learn to count beyond 5!

So you have nailed 7 secs and then got that effort out in 5 secs. You are learning that the BORG scale makes the numbers 1-10 look very different to what you thought - they start to look evil! However, this is the mind playing games with you. It is shouting at you to stop but you are stronger now and have the ability to tell it to shut up. Today we hit 15 secs and we are really going to hit them. This will be your biggest drift session so far so get ready.

you do 5 x 15 secs with 45 secs recovery and then 2 mins 45 secs recovery after the 5th effort. Sip your water and let the heart rate fall.

You do 3 of these blocks before you are finished today. So 15 x 5 secs in total

Cool down - climb off - stretch - shower - enjoy your day - you are awesome

Sample Day 9

#7 Ramp it UP and pat on the back

In this session we are going to preform a decreasing ramp of efforts as we start at 15 secs, then 10 secs and then 5 secs. The decreasing duration comes with less recovery (always a catch eh).

5 x 15 secs with 30 secs rest

after the 5th effort you get 60 secs rest

then you 3 blocks of 5 x 10 secs with 20 secs rest. You get 60 secs rest after every 5th effort.

You then go to 5 x 5 secs with 10 secs rest and the same 60 secs rest after every 5th effort

Nail it - hard as you can go during the efforts.

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