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KoS Training Plan


The Sufferfest

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5 Weeks

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Plan Description

The final day of this plan is your KoS attempt, so please select your attempt day as the "finish date" of this plan.

Due to the demands of a Knighthood attempt, (10 Sufferfest sessions back-to-back) this plan is designed for those who have already built up a decent level of fitness through consistent training over the past 6 months.

We would not recommend this plan or a Knighthood attempt to anyone with less than 6 months of training under their belt.


King Arthur had the Round Table. Prince had The Revolution. We have the Knights of Sufferlandria.

The Sufferlandrian Knighthood is one of the most demanding indoor cycling challenges out there: 10 Sufferfest workouts, back-to-back, with a maximum of 10 minutes rest in between. It's a test of endurance, perseverance, and mental strength. Those who complete the Knighthood Challenge earn Honour, Glory, Victory, and the right to call themselves a Knight of Sufferlandria (as well as some sweet decals and a certificate).

This 4-week training plan will get you ready to storm The Castle, progressively building your endurance and your mental game so you can mount a successful Quest.

Get complete information on the Sufferlandrian Knighthood here:

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Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
8:16 hrs 11:00 hrs
0:51 hrs 0:15 hrs
0:46 hrs 0:35 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
8:16 hrs 11:00 hrs
0:51 hrs 0:15 hrs
0:46 hrs 0:35 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Sample Day 1

MTP - Identifying Your Mt. Sufferlandria

Gain clarity on who you are as an athlete and what your major goal—your ‘Personal Mt. Sufferlandria—really is.

Need the MTP Workbook? Get it here:

Sample Day 2

Morning Yoga Routine

Level: ✭✩✩
In this sequence, we start with a short breathing exercise to relax the body and calm the mind, then mobilise joints throughout the body, move into deeper stretches for the hips and hamstrings, and finish with a short meditation.

Sample Day 2

NoVid: Cadence Builds and Holds

This workout is another excellent addition to our "Drills" series. Over the next 45 minutes, you will complete four 30-second cadence builds, and six 60-second high cadence holds. This workout places a considerable demand on your Neuromuscular System, as your muscles are forced to contract and relax as quickly as possible. At the same time, the shorter recovery period between these drills will keep your heart rate, and breathing rate elevated, giving you a great cardiovascular workload.

Let's breakdown the two drills you will be doing.

Cadence Builds: The name of the game here is absolute peak cadence, not peak power. To achieve this, you need to be in a small gear and have very light resistance. Starting at 90-RPM, steadily increase your cadence until you reach your absolute max without about 5-seconds left, and hold that to the end. Your limiting factor on these efforts needs to be leg speed. If resistance/power output is your limiting factor, try starting in an easier gear, or shift into an easier gear 15-seconds in. Bouncing in the saddle is okay for this drill.

Cadence Holds: These efforts require you to maintain the highest cadence you can without starting to bounce in the saddle. For some of you that will be 100-RPM, for others, it will be 150-RPM. The key is to settle into YOUR peak sustainable cadence. Like the Builds, the goal here is not high power, so these efforts are limited to 90% of FTP. Do not be surprised if your heart rate is well into Zone 4 by the time you hit the last few holds.

To properly execute this session, your effort between drills needs to be low. With limited recovery time between these maximal Neuromuscular Efforts, riding above Zone 1 between efforts will only reduce your ability to max out your cadence. While the power targets between are Zone 1, do not be surprised if your heart rate does not drop below Zone 2 after the first couple builds.

* Improved muscle recruitment and firing patterns
* Improved muscle coordination at higher cadences
* Deliver a high Neuromuscular and Cardiovascular load while minimizing the power demands placed on your muscles
* Help you develop a silky smooth pedal stroke

Sample Day 3

Pre-Ride Activation

Level: ✭✩✩
This gentle cool-down is designed to completely unwind you after your ride…and potentially send you to sleep. We move systematically through the body, loosening up and stretching out tight muscles. Try to stay relaxed throughout, breathing in and out through your nose.

Sample Day 3

Revolver is Easy (Mashup) *Reduced Targets, Read Description*

Four Dimensional Power Focus:
NM: ✭✩✩✩✩
AC: ✭✭✭✭✭
MAP: ✭✭✭✭✭
FTP: ✭✩✩✩✩

Why limit yourself to one type of interval duration, intensity and recovery time when you can add two of the best MAP and AC sessions in the SUF library together? Better yet, why not add them together in a way that makes the session as hard as possible?

Sample Day 4

Getting Away With It

Four Dimensional Power Focus:
NM: ✭✭✩✩✩
AC: ✭✩✩✩✩
MAP: ✭✩✩✩✩
FTP: ✭✭✭✭✩

Wouldn't it be great if you could just leave work to go for a ride? Even for an hour? Well, now's your chance. Getting Away With It gets you out of the office and onto the roads of the French Pyrenees with your guide Michael Cotty of The Col Collective.

This is a great session to add toward the end of a training block. The shorter duration, sub-threshold efforts are fantastic for getting some extra FTP building while you are in a fatigued state. Extra emphasis on cadence stresses your nervous system, making your body more efficient at both higher and lower RPMs while improving your form. The neuromuscular training you get from this session is fantastic, so while your power never exceeds threshold, your body will learn to bring more energy to the pedals at all intensities.

Sample Day 4

MTP - Establishing The Goal Setting Habit

Ensure constant progress by creating a habit of identifying monthly and weekly goals, with weekly rewards for achieving those goals.

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