Novice Cycling / Non-4DP / Outdoor Weekend Rides, by The Sufferfest.

Average Weekly Training Hours 04:46
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 04:46
Training Load By Week

This training plan was designed by APEX Coaching for cyclists who:

* Have NOT taken the Full Frontal fitness test in The Sufferfest app OR for those who wish to base their training on RPE / FTP-based metrics
* Are new to cycling or choosing their first structured training plan
* Have trained fewer than an average of 7 hours/week in the previous ~3 months
* Only have 3-6 hours/week they can dedicate to training over the course of the next ~3 months

This plan is designed to suit the time-crunched athlete, with the majority of weekday workouts under 60 minutes and longer weekend rides outdoors. Outdoor workouts are built using the TrainingPeaks Workout Builder, meaning they can be exported to compatible cycling computers or fitness devices.

Note: the average weekly training hours listed do not include the optional yoga and mental training plans you may wish to add to your schedule (more details available when you apply a plan to your account).

The plan finishes on a high note, with the last week bringing you fit and fresh into the Full Frontal fitness test.

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Sample Day -19
Cadence Builds

Four Dimensional Power Focus:
NM: ✭✭✭✭✭
AC: ✭✩✩✩✩
MAP: ✭✩✩✩✩
FTP: ✭✩✩✩✩

One of the best sessions there is for neuromuscular training and a regular session in The Sufferfest Training Plans, this drill asks you to progressively build from a cadence of 90 RPM to your MAX over 30 seconds, recover and repeat several times. Cadence builds improve the way you recruit your leg, glute and core muscles throughout your pedal stroke by progressing to your maximal cadence. By reaching your highest cadence possible, you are training the 'on/off' switch in each muscle group to not only work faster, but have less overlap with your other muscle groups. You're training your hamstring muscles to 'turn off' when your quads 'turn on' and vice-versa to achieve a more efficient pedal stroke.

NOTE: As a drill session, this video does not have music or a storyline like 'normal' Sufferfest videos. Just fire up a playlist on your favourite music app and you're away!

Sample Day -12
The Shovel

Four Dimensional Power Focus:
NM: ✭✭✭✭✩
AC: ✭✭✭✭✭
MAP: ✭✭✭✭✩
FTP: ✭✭✭✩✩

Time to dig deep into the COURAGE mines. Real deep. No other workout runs the full range of 4DP like this one. The consistent inverse relationship between interval length and intensity pushes your AC to the very limit, ensuring that after each micro-interval your body recovers just enough to hit and hold your power target for the next interval...even if you don't think you can.

The 5-10 second efforts hit your NM system hard. No holding back for these short efforts. All out means all out. The 15-60 second efforts all require significant anaerobic energy, but with so little rest your cardiovascular system never really gets a break. This not only stresses your AC as you try to recover, but it also pushes your MAP to its limit as your body tries to generate as much aerobic power as possible.

Even though there is not a single interval in this workout that is longer than 60 seconds, each full set lasts more than 20 minute. The unrelenting aerobic stress turns this session into a surprisingly good FTP builder.

Sample Day -11

Four Dimensional Power Focus:
NM: ✭✩✩✩✩
AC: ✭✭✩✩✩
MAP: ✭✭✭✭✭
FTP: ✭✭✭✭✭

Smooth like butter. Grace under pressure. It's what we're focusing on in this session as you accumulate plenty of time at a high aerobic workload. A good warm-up leads you into two sets of five 90-second intervals with 3-minutes of “recovery” between each. Instead of full gas intervals followed by super low intensity recovery, these efforts are hard, but the real sting (and training benefit) comes from the incomplete recovery you face between intervals. These “recovery” efforts are at the upper end of Z2, meaning you still need quite a bit of oxygen to keep that power churning. By keeping the intervals themselves under your Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP) AND not allowing complete recovery, your body will burn through your Anaerobic Capacity (AC) before the end of each set, forcing your body to produce that power aerobically. Your body goes through that same transition near the 3-minute mark of the 5-minute test during Full Frontal, but with this session not only is it less painful, you end up with more total time in that aerobically dependent state. Endurance sports are all about churning through as much oxygen as possible, and few other workouts see you churning this hard and for this long.

Sample Day 1
A Very Dark Place

Four Dimensional Power Focus:
NM: ✭✩✩✩✩
AC: ✭✭✩✩✩
MAP: ✭✭✭✭✭
FTP: ✭✭✩✩✩

You know that ride where you thought you went harder, deeper and to a darker place than you'd ever gone before? HAHAHAHA. This takes you further, deeper and darker than that. A Very Dark Place is about maximum effort for shorter durations: five, four-minute intervals that take you to the limit. If you struggle with longer, high-intensity efforts and want to improve your ability to make repeated attacks, you need to spend some time in A Very Dark Place. Those little punches in the third and fifth efforts will teach you just how dark you can go.

Sample Day 3

Four Dimensional Power Focus:
NM: ✭✩✩✩✩
AC: ✭✭✭✭✩
MAP: ✭✭✭✭✭
FTP: ✭✩✩✩✩

The simple idea of going hard for one minute and then easy for one minute, and then repeating, has been around since whatever evil genius realised that intervals were the best way to train. There is a reason this simple session has stuck around: it works!

Sample Day 22
Nine Hammers

Four Dimensional Power Focus:
NM: ✭✩✩✩✩
AC: ✭✭✭✩✩
MAP: ✭✭✭✭✭
FTP: ✭✭✭✭✩

Sometimes you're the hammer. Sometimes you're the nail. And sometimes you're getting both hammered and nailed. With a series of nine different intervals, all at or above threshold this is one of the best MAP sessions we offer. It isn’t just the total amount of time spent above threshold, though. This workout takes the training stress up a notch by giving you barely enough time to recover from the previous hammer before the next one falls. This ensures your AC gets a little boost as well.

Sample Day 48
Fitness Test: Full Frontal

Full Frontal, the 4DP(™) fitness test, is the only test that exposes every aspect of your unique physiology in a single hour. Developed by elite cycling coach Neal Henderson, founder of APEX Coaching, and based on more than 10 years of testing athletes, this test will provide you with a complete personal power profile and identify your rider type.

All you have to do is completely destroy yourself over 4 different efforts:
- A pair of 7 second sprints
- A 5 minute flat out effort
- A 20 minute threshold effort
- A final 1 minute killer

Once you come out the other side of Full Frontal you'll get your profile and rider type. From then on, every Sufferfest Video will be customized to your abilities to ensure no session is too hard or too easy. Not only do you get customized workouts with Full Frontal, you will also get to see the exact areas where you shine. You will also get insight into the areas where you might need to do some work, giving you the road map of where you should guide your training until your next exposure to Full Frontal.