OFF-SEASON COMPLETE: 24-Week Cycling & Strength Base Builder Plan (v3.0) Structured by POWER & HR

Average Weekly Training Hours 05:15
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:15
Training Load By Week


24-Week Complete Off-Season Base Builder Cycling & Strength Progression - v3.0

Written by Cody Waite, Endurance Coach, Professional Endurance Athlete and co-owner of Sessions:6 Sport Performance

NEW for 2018 is our most extensive and complete 24-week Off-Season Training Plan to date. Complete with our updated Trainer Series Program & ALL NEW Strength Progression Program.

You're looking at SIX MONTHS of progressive training to build your complete fitness base through the off-season. Our program revolves around twice weekly specific (uploadable) cycling workouts and twice weekly specific strength training workouts; combined with two additional weekend ride options that can be done indoors or out. The program includes scheduled recovery and testing weeks, and has you ready to dive into the start of your race specific season with next level strength & fitness.

Upon completion of this program you're ready for our Race Prep training plans that dial in your event specific fitness. This Off-Season plan is ideal for any cyclist, on or off-road, or triathlete looking to improve their power on the bike at any distance.


ALL NEW FOR 2018, we've improved our testing protocol on the bike to include both an aerobic and anaerobic power test, and a training calculator spreadsheet you can easily enter your test data into to get your most current training zones and progress identified.

Our progressive strength training program is designed specifically for endurance athletes to be utilized throughout the off-season base training build. This cycling specific strength program focuses on two primary lifts that contribute to power production: the Squat & the Deadlift. Surrounding the 'Main Strength Set' of each session, you incorporate a variety of our hand-chosen Warm-Up Sets, Core Sets, Push-Pull Sets, and Mobility Sets. Each of these sets are available for your choosing from our YouTube Video Library.

Together, the aerobic training on the bike and the strength training off the bike compliment each other perfectly for maximum fitness gains through the off-season. The progressive programming begins gradually and builds the TSS as you build your fitness. The training blocks are broken into six 3-week blocks of training followed by a test week or recovery week. Start with technique work before building through the Anaerobic Threshold, Vo2 Max, Anaerobic Power and Peak Power energy systems over the 24-weeks.

Plan Details:

> 6-page PDF download with detailed information on the cycling program including equipment needs, training zones (power & HR based), and descriptions of each exercise/interval in the program.

> 3-page Excel Spreadsheet Training Calculator to plug your test results into and receive your full Power Profile and training zones explained.

> Our Load Calculator Spreadsheet to determine your loads per session for every set of Back Squat & Deadlift.

> Four tests: one at the beginning to set zones and establish starting point; followed by three more each 8 weeks to track progress and adjust training zones as fitness improves.

> Downloadable workouts per week that can be uploaded to your Smart Trainer/device for complete workout precision.

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