Zwift Ready Off Season Power Based Indoor Stay-In-Shape cycling plan - 10wks - 4-6 hours per week


Kyle Wolfe

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10 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Bike, 2 Strength

Longest Workout

2:45 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling indoor beginner intermediate power based

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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:45
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:45
Average Weekly Breakdown

Kyle J Wolfe

Finish Fast Cycling

Coach Kyle and Finish Fast Cycling offer several levels of customized coaching from $199 to $399 per four week month. All plans are goal based and customized for each athlete with Kyle's unique workouts and training.

In addition, lots of pre-built retail plans are available to help all levels of racers get through the winters or to help prepare for an event when private coaching is not the answer.

He also offers 1-on-1 package plans, physio testing and hourly private plan review as needed.

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Sample Day 1

Easy hour, only shorter

There is no coasting on a wind trainer, so an easy hour can be done in a shorter period. This time, I actually want you to ride in your easy recovery levels. Done in a half an hour. Watch Jeopardy or something.

Sample Day 3

Snap Shot Hour of Power!

This workout is a great way for me to see how we are doing, where we have been and most importantly, where we are going. So the idea here is that this is a vicious workout combined with a dynamic testing scenario. It is absolutely best done indoors on a turbo trainer.
All of the efforts should be steady and as hard as you can go. The recovery should be steady and half as hard. I will be looking at the individual numbers and the overall values. Yikes.
Basically: warmup, 5 second bursts on one minute, 5 minute max, 20 minute threshold, 1 minute max, cool down.
My grandmother can do this.

Sample Day 40

Shark indoor strength workout

This is a great early winter indoor workout.
Warmup for about 25 minutes in an easy gear building you effort slowly up to the mid tempo zones for the last 10 minutes.
Then make 3 efforts of 15 minutes each in a super hard gear (staying seated and still) at 70 rpm. This should be done at about tempo levels.
Recover for 10 minutes in an easy gear at high cadence in between efforts.
Cool down 20 minutes to finish up.

Sample Day 47

Turn and burn, baby. Turn and burn.

A brand new Crappy workout. Warm up steady for 30 minutes in low endurance. Then, make 3 efforts of 8 minutes each at threshold with 5 minutes easy recovery. Hands in the drops. After the sets, recover 5 minutes more for a total of 10. Nice and easy. Then, hands in the drops again, do 8 minutes at 100+ pedal rpm at endurance level. Pay attention to your HR and PLE. Then immediately switch to a big gear and at same PLE pedal at 50 rpm. Repeat that pair again with no recovery for a total of 4 efforts and 32 minutes. Cool down and done. I really wanted to take a nap when I did this the first time.

Sample Day 54

Crappy weather - Niners

This is a tricky workout to be used in replacement of weekend outdoor rides. It is best done on a wind trainer. Start with a 30 minute warmup at endurance levels, right into it, no easy spin stuff today. Now up the effort to tempo level for 9 minutes. Then hit the gas hard for 1 full minute at maximum (remember this means harder effort, not just faster pedaling). You should want to puke. Ease back to tempo again. No actual "easy recovery". 9 minutes tempo, 1 minute maximum. Repeat for 1 hour or 6 repeats. After the 6th max effort, you can slow down to endurance levels for 30 minutes for the end. If you are awesome, you can extend this portion for as long as you want. Stay hydrated as you might get a bit crampy towards the end. Power and fitness is good.

Sample Day 61

Second Place is First Crappy Loser

This is a fantastic new crappy weather workout to mimic what it feels like to hang onto to a race with riders who are better than you! Ouch!

Warmup easy steady for 20 minutes. Then increase to the low tempo levels for 25 minutes; now accelerate smoothly 1 gear harder every 5s until you hit max effort for 1 minute total. Ouch.

Recover for 5 minutes easy, then repeat only at 5% harder tempo and the same 1 minute and recovery

Four total efforts and then a nice cool down.

This is like 1700-1900 kj workout. It is very crappy. Enjoy.

Sample Day 68

Learn to love the turbo trainer

First, make sure you have a movie ready for the DVD player. Make two bottles and grab an energy bar for half way. This is to substitute an outdoor ride that has been canceled due to lousy weather. Remember this ride for the future. Ok, after about 15 easy warmup, ride with your hands on the hoods for 20 minutes at 90+ rpm at the bottom or so of your threshold level. See below. Recover for 15 minutes at endurance levels. Next, 20 minutes in the drops at 70 rpm at your tempo range. Recover again for 15 minutes at endurance. Repeat for efforts again. This should be a total of 4 efforts and 5 warmup/recovery/cooldowns for 2:35.

Zwift Ready Off Season Power Based Indoor Stay-In-Shape cycling plan - 10wks - 4-6 hours per week

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