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Wendy Mader

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16 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 6 Bike

Longest Workout

2:15 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling indoor beginner intermediate hr based base period

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A great mix of cycling to add to your workout library. We combined our 4 X 4-week cycling plans into one program to offer you 16 weeks worth of cycling workouts. The first 4 weeks are endurance/skills and drills, the second 4 weeks are strength/skills, the third 4 weeks are threshold/speed and the final 4 weeks is our Ultimate Mix.

You can add these workout to your existing training plan or simply add or subtract the volume to meet your individual fitness schedule and needs. At any point, you can combine two workouts together to create a longer endurance training session or adding more to the warm up and cool down phase. It’s best to include the first 8 weeks in the preparation/base phase of your training plan and the second 8 weeks in the build/competition phase of your training plan. Or in the out of season to mix it


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:20

wendy mader

Ironman Certified Coach (9x Kona Finisher): Swimming, biking, running coaching plans for beginners and advanced athletes. One on One coaching available at

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Sample Day 1

Single Leg Pedaling drills

WU: 15 minutes 80-85 rpms zone 1-2 add some out of the saddle time
Do the following drills 5 times
a. Single Leg Pedaling—Right Leg 10”.
b. Single Leg Pedaling—Left Leg 10”.
c. Single Leg Pedaling—Right Leg 20”.
d. Single Leg Pedaling—Left Leg 20”.
e. Single Leg Pedaling—Right Leg 30”.
f. Single Leg Pedaling—Left Leg 30”.
Ride 15' steady zone 2 , 90-100 rpms
CD: 5 minutes zone 1

Sample Day 2

Cadence Drills

WU: 5 minutes then
10 x 30 sec spin ups (easy gear, high cadence) with 30 sec easy between sets
10 min spin 80-90 rpms, zone 2
10 x 30 sec spin ups (easy gear, high cadence) with 30 sec easy between sets
CD: 10 minutes 80-90 rpms zone 1

Sample Day 3

Lower Cadence Drills

WU: 5 minutes then 10x (30" OLD 30" both legs)
MS: 4x 5' at each cadence / RI 2'
Adjust your gears to keep your intensity zone 2. Cadences: 50, 60, 70, 80
CD: 10 minutes 85-90 rpms

Sample Day 4

Recovery Spin

Recovery spin 45-75 minutes, 85-95 rpms, light on pedals, zone 1

Sample Day 5


Ride 1.5 ride on your trainer, After 30' warm up - spin up to 110 RPMS for 30" and repeat every 3 minutes for the next 60 minutes. The focus is on smooth pedaling - zone 1-2, focus on efficiency of movement not high effort

Sample Day 6

Combo Drills

WU: 10 minute then
2x (20" SLD, 40 both, 40"SLD 20" both) hard gear 80 rpms
MS: 4X6' as (2' BG sit<70rpms, 1' LG >95rpms, 1' BG stand <70rpms RI 2 minutes)
2x (20" SLD, 40 both, 40"SLD 20" both) hard gear 80 rpms
CD: 5 minutes

Sample Day 8

Single Leg Drills

WU: 10 minutes 85-90 rpms, zone 1-2
MS: 5 x (20" right leg, 20" both , 20" left leg) - easy gear, apply power to the full pedal stroke
10 min spin Z2
5 x (:30 left leg, :30 both legs, 30" right leg) - easy gear, apply power to the full pedal stroke
10minute spin Z2
5 x (:40 right leg, :40 left leg, 1 min both legs) - easy gear, apply power to the full pedal stroke
CD: 10 minutes zone 1-2

Cycling Made Easy

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