Belgian Waffle Ride Preparation, SURVIVE! From the OFFICIALLY LIcensed BWR Coaching Service

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Belgian Waffle Ride Preparation, SURVIVE! From the OFFICIALLY LIcensed BWR Coaching Service


Adam Mills, MSEd, RCEP- Source Endurance

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14 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Bike, 2 Day Off, 1 Other

Longest Workout

6:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling gran fondo/century beginner intermediate advanced masters weightloss time goal power based hr based tss based

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The most unique cycling event in the country, the Belgian Waffle Ride. Created as an extremely challenge cycling event in the spirit of the great one-day spring classics fo Belgium, the Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) will return on April 15, 2018. Are you ready? As in the past, this truly unique event- complete with waffles, moules-frites, Lost Abbey Ale and more promises to punish worthy entrants with a 225km cycling route with over 11,000ft of undulating climbing through the unrelenting hills of San Diego County. Whether your goal is to SURVIVE or THRIVE at the BWR, Source Endurance has built a training plan that will get you to the waffles just past the finish line. If you want 100% customized training to your personal physiology, please check out our website ( or contact us (


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:06
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:06
Average Weekly Breakdown

Adam Mills

Source Endurance

Adam is Source Endurance coach specializing in mass start events for athletes of all abilities and Para. Road races, Mountain bike MTB XC, cyclo-cross (CX), criterium, time trials, enduro, ultra- enduro, gran fondos, and gravel of all sorts.

Adam's clientele includes everyone from beginner to professional. He utilizes the most advanced data analysis tools to interpret your power, heart rate and GPS data to ensure you stay on track and remain successful with your training.

Sample Day 1

Endurance Ride

Endurance workouts are designed to develop your aerobic capacity, by keeping you working under your threshold. Be sure to stay controlled and within your intensity range. It is acceptable to come out of your prescribed heart rate or power ranges briefly for climbs, etc. but the majority of the ride should be within the prescribed workload. Focus on good pedaling technique during your ride. Keep your arms, hands and shoulders relaxed.

Sample Day 2

IAT Test. Good luck!

Make sure you ride for a few minutes before beginning this test. Follow this link for your test protocol.

For Heart Rate use Threshold, Friel for Cycling (6)
For Power use Threshold Coggan (7)

Sample Day 4

Training Zone Practice

Training zone practice today. Keep the cadence around 85-100rpm.

3min @ Zone 2, Rest Between Intervals (RBI) 1min.
3min @Zone 3. RBI: 1min
3min @Zone 4. RBI: 1min.
2min @Zone 5a. RBI: 1min.
2min @Zone 5b. RBI: 1min.
1min @Zone 5c.

Sample Day 5


Just ride today. Make sure that ~50% of the ride is dirt. Be sure you're eating and drinking consistently all day.

Sample Day 6

Endurance Ride

Program your computer with your Functional Threshold Power. Today, your Intensity Factor (IF) should stay between 0.65- 0.68 today.

Sample Day 7

Massage/ Stretching

Treat yourself to a massage today.

Sample Day 8


Just ride today. Keep output in the Z2 range.

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